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Russia pulled out of Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.

Russia pulled out of Treaty of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.
  • Russia has formally withdrawn from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), citing NATO’s expansion as a barrier to cooperation. The move follows Russia’s recent revocation of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.
  • Signed in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the CFE aimed to limit conventional arms and prevent a rapid build-up of forces between Cold War rivals.
  • Moscow, holding an advantage in conventional weaponry at the time, was initially reluctant to embrace the pact.
  • NATO accused Russia of non-compliance with the CFE for years, pointing to Moscow’s suspension of participation in 2007 and complete withdrawal in 2015.
  • Russia, after a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, officially denounced the CFE in May 2023.
  • The U.S. and its allies had linked ratification of the adapted 1999 CFE to Russia’s withdrawal of troops from Georgia and Moldova, a linkage Moscow contested.
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry argued that the CFE Treaty, conceived at the end of the Cold War, no longer served its purpose in the current geopolitical landscape.
  • They noted that the U.S. and its allies failed to ratify an updated version of the accord in 1999, further diminishing the treaty’s relevance.

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Published date : 14 Nov 2023 03:16PM

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