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Kutch Ajrakh, A Traditional Textile Craft Earns GI Tag

Kutch Ajrakh bestowed with the prestigious Geographical Indication Tag

•    The traditional artisans of ‘Kutch Ajrakh’ have been bestowed with the prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) certificate by the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM). This remarkable achievement celebrates the intricate textile craft that has been deeply rooted in the vibrant region of Kutch for centuries.
•    Ajrakh is a textile craft that holds a revered place in the cultural tapestry of Gujarat, particularly in the regions of Sindh, Barmer, and Kutch, where its legacy spans millennia. The art of Ajrakh involves a meticulous process of hand-block printing on treated cotton cloth, culminating in intricate designs infused with rich symbolism and history.
•    The art of Ajrakh has been practiced in the Kutch region for over 400 years, introduced by the Sind Muslims. This craft has been deeply woven into the cultural fabric of the region, with nomadic pastoralist and agricultural communities like the Rabaris, Maldharis, and Ahirs wearing Ajrakh printed cloth as turbans, lungis, or stoles.

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Published date : 08 May 2024 04:24PM

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