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Top 10 Tips To Succeed in APPSC Group-1 Interview: Dr. Rani Susmitha, 1st Ranker, Dy. Collector

The APPSC Group-1 Mains 2023 results have been declared and interview schedule has been released. The interviews will be held from August 2nd to 11th. Check below the top 10 tips to succeed in the interview.
Dr. Rani Susmitha

 Below are a few last-minute tips to face the interview with ease. Here are some absolutely unavoidable tips for all the aspirants.

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for APPSC Group-1 interview:

1. "Always project confidence" is the most common advice for any interview preparation, but it is tough to build confidence IRL (In real life).

Tip: In order to project your confidence in the span of these last few days one unique tip is, 'talk to strangers', yes! you got it right, just walk into nearby offices (like banks, schools, hospitals etc.,) and try to talk with them. The new environment around you will elevate your confidence levels.

2. Be cool and don't be tensed when you get a tough question in the interview.

Tip: Expect bouncers and learn the art to tackle them. Ask your friends to ponder you with random questions and try to answer/deny them with ease.

3. Maintain the flow of sentences while answering in an interview without the sentence breakers like "hmms and aahs"

Tip: "Hmms and aahs" in your answers can be avoided by practicing in front of the mirror. Daily do a 30-minute talk in front of the mirror and be conscious of what you are saying.

4. Do some vocal exercises for clarity of speech.

Tip: Repeat "babababa/dadadada" syllables continuously for a minute daily to achieve clarity of speech.
(for a minute every day)

5. Be aware of current topics happening in the state and in the country.

Tip: Scan through the important issues and develop opinions on them.

6. Present yourself in a decent dress and feel at ease. Dress simply in formals without overdoing it.

Tip: practice wearing the same dress for a day or two prior, to feel at ease in it.

Group-1 Interview

7.Last week preparation of the interview should be a mix of reading and practicing 

Tip: Daily spend 70% of time preparing and 30% of time practicing the same via talking aloud, discussing with friends and family or giving mocks (many free mock interviews are available across various institutions. You can sign up for few).

8.Interview is the test of personality and not your knowledge. Already one's knowledge was tested at prior two stages.

Tip: Interview is the litmus test to know about one's personality. It is a test of,

"How one can tackle talking to a panel of people, how can one handle if they face tough questions, will one be jittery and tensed or rather focus on dealing with it?"

"Will one get into an argument over a small issue or can deal it lawfully as per act?"

"Will one lose confidence after a single adverse comment from an interviewer?"

Overall, how one can carry their personality and can be an add on to the respective position is the prima facie.

9. Fill in an informative DAF ((detailed application form). Do fill in all the columns and questions without a miss.

Tip: A properly filled in DAF will be attractive and the questions can be maneuvered across your filled in information.

10. Finally, a day prior to your interview, imagine yourself to be a winner. On the "D-day" carry oneself with positive thoughts, don't fall for adverse news, comments from any sources.

Tip: Sleep well and reach an hour ahead to the location. There will be forms to fill, certificates to be scrutinized, sit outside the waiting chair and reflect positivity.

All the best for the last phase of your journey and may the best succeed.

Dr Rani Susmitha, 1st Rank-APPSC-2022
Deputy collector (Under training)

Published date : 21 Jul 2023 05:08PM

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