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Last minute Tips for TSPSC Group-1 Prelims 2023 by Dr. Rani Sushmitha, 2018 Group-1 Topper!!

TSPSC Group-1 Prelims is scheduled for June 11th. Here are the last minute tips for the candidates by Dr. Rani Sushmitha, Deputy Collector, APPSC 2018 Group-1 1st Ranker.
TSPSC group1 prelims tips

Last minute Tips for TSPSC prelims:

1. Last week of the prelims exam is to read less but revise more.

2.Prefer to revise the gists/notes you prepared.

3.Don't go wrong with easy questions.

4. Re-read the question multiple times before answering to avoid silly mistakes.

5.Do intelligent guessing rather than blindly attempting.

6.Do remember if paper is tough for you,it is tough for everyone.

7.Don't fall prey for elimination tactics,PSC exams are evolved above them.

8.Make sure to flip thru the tough questions/topics you got wrong in your old test series.

9.Prelims exam is the game of elimination,no need to attempt more but have to attempt enough for qualifying.

10. Create 'habit' for the last days by sleeping at the correct time and eating well.Afterall health plays a major role in succeeding the examination on the big day.

Good luck and all the best.

Dr. Rani Sushmitha, APPSC 2018 Group-1 Topper
Dr. Rani Susmitha, APPSC 2018 Group-1 Topper
Published date : 10 Jun 2023 08:19AM

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