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Civils, Group1,2 Guidance: Avoid Reading Multiple Books - L. Sharman, IAS

Even though I failed in class 10, I never disappointed and became a collector - IAS, L Sharman
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He failed in English and Mathematics subjects in tenth grade, went for tuition and passed in two years. L Sharman achieved his dream IAS after three interviews in civils, failed once in group-1 and got 3rd rank in state level in group-1. He has given a few success tips for the candidates who are preparing for various competitive exams.

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Never Give-Up

"I missed Group-1 in the first attempt. I failed the interview thrice in civils. Every time I fell down, I tried to get up and achieved what I wanted. Never give up trying. If one goes, another job will come. I was selected for Inspector, Postal and Bank jobs in Central Excise and finally stopped with Group-1. Positive attitude and self-confidence are important for candidates. There should be determination, discipline and zeal to achieve the goal.", said IAS, L Sharman.

IAS L Sharmaan


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Easy success in Group-1..

He also said that not all situations are the same. Once in civils I got only 80 marks out of 250 marks. If I had scored 20 more marks I would have become IAS. I narrowly lost. I think this happened because of not being able to give correct answers in the interview. 111 marks in the same group-1 interview. That means the marks will be given according to the questions asked.

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Students from rural areas should not feel bad that they are Telugu medium. Not only me, many people like me have studied in Telugu medium and achieved success. Telugu medium candidates are succeeding in Civils as well. No matter what medium you read, you should understand the questions and prepare to write the answers from time to time.

If you read like this, it is easy... but
Candidates should not read the same thing. Take a break in between and resume preparation. Many people say that they worked hard for 18 hours. This is incorrect. In between I used to play games, watch movies, relax by playing table tennis and shuttle. I used to do group discussions with my friends. These techniques have helped me. Eat, read and sleep on time. Meet and talk to the rankers of the competitive exams face to face. Find out their preparation plan. Doing this will bring clarity and gives courage.


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Avoid Reading Multiple Books

Ambience is important for preparing for competitive exams. Preparation should be done in a calm environment. The group we are with is also important. Osmania University sheltered everyone while we were preparing. Wherever you go to any hostel, you see people preparing for competitive exams. Regardless of the results, 30 percent of the jobs are secured by them. This will increase the intensity and persistence.

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At the beginning of preparation, tough subjects and new subjects should be studied first. There is no use in studying hard when exams are near. Completing the syllabus is difficult. Do not read more books for a single subject. This will waste time.

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Published date : 17 Sep 2022 06:35PM

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