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How to Crack Group 1 in short period? TSPSC Preparation Tips

TSPSC Group – 1 – (2022) is the first notification issued after the formation of Telangana State, for 503 posts. More than three lakh people have applied. From graduates to PhD scholars, many talented people are competing. In this regard, let us check 100 days preparation plan to crack prelims.
Group 1 Guidance

TSPSC Group-1 Prelims has been schedule for October 16. Success in TSPSC Group 1 Prelims is sure with a specific plan. For 503 TSPSC Group–1 Posts, 3,80,202 applications  have been received. It means 756 number of candidates are competing for each post. Number of candidates will be selected from Prelims to Mains is in the ratio of 1:50.

Degree to Ph.D
Bachelor degree passers to PhD scholars are competing for Group-1. Among the applications received, 2,53,490 are graduates, 1,22,826 postgraduates, 1,781 integrated (degree+PG) PG, 424 M.Phil and 1,681 PhD candidates. Instead of worrying about the number of applications and the competition, experts suggest that you should move forward with self-confidence as a weapon.

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Time management is very important

Candidates should give utmost priority to time management in Group-1 preparation. The prelims exam date is October 16. If one week is excluded for revision in the last stage of preparation, candidates can allocate the whole time for prelims preparation from now on.

Read every subject

As part of the preparation plan, candidates should follow the time to study each subject every day. A total of 12 topics are mentioned in the preliminary exam syllabus. Some of these also have joint reading topics. (Eg: Current Affairs, International Relations, Constitution of India, Administration etc.). Taking all these into consideration, candidates should make a time table so that they spend an average of 8 to 10 hours each day for preparation.

APPSC Group-1 First Ranker Rani Susmita Interview : గ్రూప్‌-1 ఫ‌స్ట్ ర్యాంక్ కొట్టానిలా.. ఇలా చ‌దివితే..

Preparing a Preparation plan

Candidates who are starting the preparation afresh, should study the syllabus first. The syllabus prescribed for the preliminary examination should be studied thoroughly. Based on that the important topics to be read should be clarified. Next candidates have to decide how much time to devote to which topic during preparation based on their ability and existing skills in the respective topics. Similarly, it is also good to check the general studies papers of other recent recruitment exams conducted by TSPSC. This will allow you to identify important points along with the pattern of questions asked in the exam. Syllabus is same in General Studies paper for all exams.

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Focus on Telangana 

As a part of preparation, candidates should focus on everything from national developments to local issues. Especially the priority developments of Telangana region should be taken into consideration. Regarding the Telangana region, special attention should be given to the important movements in the Telangana history, the emergence phase of Telangana movement. In the same way, all aspects of Telangana's history should be read which inform the social face of Telangana - literature, arts, poets, kingdoms, geography, resources, government schemes, new schemes implemented after formation of Telangana etc. 

Prepare your own notes

While studying the respective sections, important points should be noted. Same should be followed for all subjects. By reading this, you should increase your knowledge on all the topics. Special attention should be given to local issues like religions, social classes, tribal issues, regional issues. Similarly while studying a topic one should study it from all angles. For example, if social classes are considered, you should not limit to the definition of those classes, you should also learn their history of emergence, expansion, current conditions. Only then will there be complete understanding of a subject.

Focus on Govt. Policies and Schemes

At the national level and at the state level, social problems and government policies are definitely asked. Learn about government policies. Women empowerment is important in this. Various schemes have been brought at the national level for the empowerment of women. New policies were introduced for the welfare of minorities, backward classes and tribes. Similarly, many new policies are being formulated. They should be studied thoroughly. For example, if we consider the new education system, the main points of the new education system as well as the education systems that have been brought so far, the difference between them and the current system, the purpose, main points, goals, etc. should be studied in all aspects.

APPSC Group-1 Ranker Interview : నా గ్రూప్‌–1 సక్సెస్‌ ఫార్మాలా ఇదే..

There is a chance that more questions will be asked in the exam from Telangana issues. So firstly concentrate on Telangana policies. You need to know what kind of policies have been brought about the formation of Telangana and the main demands regarding water, funds, appointments, etc. Similarly, awareness should be created about the new policies being implemented for the respective communities in the state. One should know what schemes are being implemented on policies related to backward classes, minorities and tribals.

Study from different angles

Candidates should study a topic from different angles. Especially if you read in a descriptive manner, you will get an understanding of all the things related to the subject. For example, if you ask about socio-cultural history of India.. not limited to bit banks on them.. should be read in a descriptive manner. As a result, no matter what angle the question is asked, the answer can be identified. It will also be useful for the mains exam which will be in essay format in the future.

Selection of books

Experts suggest that Group 1 candidates should be cautious in choosing books. Many publications are publishing books keeping in view the current competition and craze. As a result, candidates are confused as to what to choose. But candidates should prefer to read university publications, books written by expert professors in their respective fields and Telugu Academy publications.

APPSC Group 1 Ranker Sreenivasulu Raju : గ్రూప్‌-1 స్టేట్ 2nd ర్యాంక‌ర్ స‌క్సెస్ స్టోరీ..|| నేను చదివిన పుస్తకాలు ఇవే..

Candidates who have selected those books should read them thoroughly. From the definition to the latest developments regarding a topic, a comprehensive understanding should be developed. Candidates should develop decision-making ability and problem solving skills to succeed in the exam. This gives a grip on objective as well as descriptive approach. Similarly, the specific topics should be read by applying them in real situations. As a result, it is likely to be remembered for a longer period of time. As the time for prelims is less, firstly concentrate on prelims. 

Quick Tips:

  • Candidates should check the prelims and mains syllabus first.
  • The time management should be designed based on the level of knowledge and expertise on the respective topics.
  • Plan to study every subject every day.
  • At least 8 to 10 hours should be devoted to preparation every day.
  • It is useful to study prelims and mains together.
  • One month before the date of prelims exam, time should be devoted completely to prelims preparation.
  • Attend Mock Tests, Practice Tests etc. and assess yourself.
  • A week before the exam, ready reckoners should devote themselves completely to revision based on the short notes they have written.
Published date : 08 Aug 2022 04:30PM

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