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Last Few Days Tips for UPSC Civils Prelims 2023!!

UPSC selects candidates for all 21 services including IAS, IPS, IFS through Civil Services Exam. The first stage of this selection process of three stages will be the Prelims, which will be conducted on 28th May.
CIvils Prelims 2023 Guidance

Lakhs of people from freshers to repeaters compete for this competive exam, civil services. Many have been studying for this for years and competition will be intense. 

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Candidates will be selected for a total of 1105 posts in 21 services through Civil Services-2023. Around six lakh candidates from across the country are likely to compete for the first phase of the prelims. If you do well in prelims, you will be eligible for the next stage mains. Selection for Mains is done in the ratio of 1:12.5 per post. If six lakh people appear for the civils, only 14 thousand people qualify for the mains! Experts suggest that if you want to stand in this list, you should prepare very carefully.

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As the exams are nearing, let us check a few tips to kepp in mind, to excel in the prelims 2023.

Last Few Days Tips for UPSC Civils Prelims 2023

  • Don't stress yourself and keep on studying. 
  • Relax and try to maximize your per day studies. 
  • Don't panic if you might not get good score in the mock test. The questions vary in each mock test and in the real test. You might do well in the real test. 
  • Don't judge yourself before 28th May. No one can estimate the outcome of results. So, study and don't think about the outcome.
  • If you are getting low score, identify those areas and work hard.
  • Study more with relaxed mind, so that the fear factor will disappear. 
  • Over thinking will harm you. Be positive, relax and don't waste a single second and study with a peaceful mind.

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Published date : 24 Apr 2023 03:32PM

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