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Every Civils/Groups Aspirant's Life!!

This is the story of millions of aspirants every year. It will be the same question asked to me by many parents, aspirants, tutors in all my talks. "What if one won't qualify UPSC or any state PSC."
Dr. Rani Susmitha Deputy Collector

It is an often neglected but sad truth among aspirants. After putting in years of efforts many might not end up with final success in PSC examinations owing to the huge competition and toughness of the exam. But trust me, "it's not the end of the world".

My sincere advice to all the aspirants

'don't get stuck in the deep cycle of attempting UPSC/State PSCs time and again, feeling sad, succumbing to low confidence. Start the preparation only if "getting IN" means a lot to you. Don't let external factors compel you into attempting the exam multiple times and spending precious years of your prime life on that.

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If you are "not IN", owing to many subtle factors,stop regretting and cursing self. The knowledge one gains in those preparation years would stick with you for life even though you end up not cracking the exam. It definitely will help you out in many places knowingly  or unknowingly. Keep "Upscaling and Upskilling" your knowledge with certifications and be ready for the markets, change your groves and serve the nation in a different way.

"Hum honge Kaamiyaab ek din"

- Dr. Rani Susmitha, Deputy Collector, APPSC Group-1 2018 Topper

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Published date : 24 Apr 2023 06:54PM

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