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Strategies to succeed in Group 1 without taking coaching!!

Is coaching really necessary to succeed in Group 1? Let's check the ways to excel in the exam without taking coaching.
APPSC Group 1 Guidance

It is aware that Group-1 and 2 services are the most craziest services in the government sector! Lakhs of candidates are competing to get these services. Many candidates prefer approaching coaching centers and other mentoring methods.

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But there is a situation where those who are already in the job and continuing in various professions are unable to take coaching due to lack of time and other reasons. Hence, they will not be able to excel compared to those who take coaching! Past winners and subject experts say that if properly planned, can succeed in group 1 even without taking coaching. 

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Recently, Group-1 notification has been released in AP. Group-2 notification will also be released soon. Let's know how to succeed in groups without taking coaching...

Coaching is actually a tool to guide the candidates. It will help them to move forward without faltering their steps in the journey to success. At least the misconception that success is possible only with coaching should be left. The opinion expressed by the experts is that even candidates who cannot take coaching can succeed with proper planning and strategies.


  • Understanding the Syllabus: Candidates should first have a comprehensive understanding of the exam procedure, syllabus, selection process etc. Both APPSC and TSPSC have made the syllabus and examination procedure available to the candidates for Group-1 and 2. Carefully examine the prescribed syllabus. Based on that, they should come to an estimate on the topics they need to prepare for. 
  • Group 1 and 2: Currently if we look at the syllabus of Group-1 and 2, a large percentage of topics are common in both. History, geography, economy, polity, science and technology. Candidates should go through the syllabi of both the exams..identify the points of similarity and the topics specifically mentioned for the respective exams, and include them in the form of a list.

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  • Self-efficacy assessment: You should get clarity on the current level of understanding of the topics in the syllabus, and the way you need to improve. Similarly, based on ability to study the respective subjects, prioritize and allocate time for each subject. 
  • Choosing Books: A major problem faced by groups aspirants, is choosing the rh\ight book. They should first start their study with academic books related to the respective subjects. After that focus on the material intended for the respective competitive exams. By reading academic books first, you get a basic understanding of the respective subject. In the next phase there is an opportunity to speed up the preparation.

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  • Descriptive approach: A subject should be read in a descriptive manner so as to get a complete understanding of it rather than in a question-answer manner. Many candidates prefer Bit Banks or Guides.. especially in the case of Group-1 Prelims and Group-2 which are objective method. But this is not correct, it is difficult to get a complete understanding of the relevant topics. 
  • Material is key: The material chosen by the candidates plays a very important role in the self-preparation process. Along with academic books, standard material available in the market should be collected. Various publications are available on this standard material. Experts suggest to be careful while choosing these. It is suggested to go through the material carefully and find out whether the material is in accordance with the exam syllabus or not and choose the material that is suitable for the exam syllabus.
  • Mentoring arrangement: Experts suggest that candidates who want to go ahead with self-preparation should also arrange mentoring facility if possible. Contact respective subject experts, those who have already appeared in the exam, past winners etc. Take appropriate advice and suggestions on preparation from time to time. 
  • Highlights: Make your own notes with highlights in each subject. This saves a lot of time in terms of revision. Experts suggest that a few days before the exam should be devoted entirely to revision. It is useful to read the synopses and remember the material that they have already prepared without having to read it again.
  • Online facilities: Now a days wide information is available online regarding all the competitive exams. Use it. Identify the information that is useful and list them separately.

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  • A specific time each day: Prepare a daily plan so that they allocate a specific time every day. At least six hours should be allocated. All the subjects should be studied every day within the allotted time. Experts suggest that if you feel bored while studying any subject during the preparation, you can put it aside for a while and focus on the subjects that interests you. 
  • Sample tests: Candidates who are self-preparing should pay special attention to self-assessment from time to time. For this, they should regularly attend the sample tests at specific intervals and assess their ability level based on the results of the respective tests. 
  • Review every day: Before starting each day's preparation, candidates should spend some time reviewing the previous day's material. As a result, it becomes easier to study and understand related topics in the next step. Experts say that this approach is very useful especially in subjects like history and politics. 
  • Full time before exam: Candidates should devote full time at least one month before the exam. In situations where it is not possible to take a vacation and prepare, it is suggested to devote at least a week or ten days before the exam. 

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Published date : 03 Nov 2022 12:09PM

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