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AP School Academic Calendar 2023-24 Released: Re-admission to failed students in class 10, 12 exams

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy held a review meeting on the Education Department at his camp office in Tadepalli on 8th June and released School academic calendar for the academic year 2023-24.
AP School Academic Calendar 2023-24

It is great news that 64 students have secured top-10 ranks in all types of government schools in Andhra Pradesh this year. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, teachers, and administrators in these schools. 

The state government has taken a number of steps to improve the quality of education in government schools, such as transferring teachers so that schools have full staff, implementing the subject teacher concept, and identifying students who are lagging behind and providing them with additional support. These efforts seem to be paying off, as evidenced by the improved performance of students in the recent exams.

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The fact that 27 students also secured top-10 ranks in all types of government colleges is also a positive development. This shows that the government's efforts to improve the quality of education in government schools are also having a positive impact on students who go on to attend college.

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What did CM Jagan say on this occasion..

☛ There shall be two junior colleges in every mandal. 

☛ One should be for girls and the second should be co-education.

☛ Two high schools in two villages or towns in the mandal with high population and upgrade them to junior colleges.

☛ These junior colleges should be established by next June.

☛ Construction of additional classrooms to be taken up today. Adequate staff should be appointed there.

For the fourth year in a row, Jagananna Vidyakanuka..

☛ Officials said that they have taken all kinds of precautions regarding the quality of education as per the instructions of the CM.

☛ Confirmation tests with Quality Control of India to ensure quality.

☛ Already 93 percent of the educational materials have been prepared for distribution in designated centers.

☛ The officials said that they have prepared all the books as per the CM's orders.

☛ The officials said that they have prepared to give all the second semester books in advance.

☛ Phase 1 – CM reviewed the formation of IFP panels in schools above sixth standard in schools completed today.

☛ CM inquired about training programs for teachers on the use of panels.

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☛ CM to send video content to teachers on how to use panels.

☛ Officials said that they go every month and help the teachers in using the IFP panels.

☛ Apart from IFPs, the officials said that they will provide training to the teachers on the use of smart TVs, tabs and Byjus app.

☛ Power point presentations for schools on day-to-day, curriculum-wise teaching.

☛ Officials said that it should be made useful for uniform teaching in all schools.

For 20 thousand B.Tech students..

☛ The representatives of the companies will train the faculties in the engineering colleges, and the teachers will be trained through them.

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☛ Officials revealed that 20 thousand B.Tech students will do internship so that more people can improve their skills.

☛ The officials said that they are constantly reviewing the management and usage of tabs as per the instructions of the CM.

☛ Officials say digital assistants are looking after this responsibility in village and ward secretariats.

Internet facility in 45 thousand schools..

☛ Decision to provide internet facility in about 45 thousand schools.

☛ Officials are taking steps to provide internet to schools through APSFL and BSNL.

☛ Officials said that the first phase of the program to provide internet facilities in schools has been completed today.

☛ Authorities are taking steps to provide internet facility to all schools by the end of September.

☛ The CM reviewed the progress of the works undertaken under the second phase today.

☛ Officials revealed that Rs.3,287.08 crores have already been spent under the second phase.

☛ Second phase of 2,224 schools on-day works.

☛ The officials said that the work will be completed by December.

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☛ In addition to the distribution of tabs in the schools where the work has been completed today, the CM wants the establishment of IFB panels to be completed.

For students who have failed in 10th and 12th class exams..

☛ CM orders that every boy and girl should join school and move towards achieving 100 percent GER.

☛ CM orders to take all kinds of measures without dropouts.

☛ Officials said that they will take the cooperation of village and ward secretariats and volunteers to prevent dropouts.

☛ Officials are taking steps to guide students who have failed in class 10th and 12th exams by re-admitting them.

Vacant jobs in KGBV also..

☛ CM to provide continuous feedback on Gorumudda, SMF and TMF.

☛ CM to take continuous action based on feedback.

☛ CM to take steps to put byjus content in intermediate also.

☛ The vacant posts of teachers in KGBVs will be filled as well.

☛ CM to work for academic strength.

For Tenth and Inter students..

☛ 2023 Jagananna Animuthyalu Awards for the best talents in 10th and 2nd year of Inter.

☛ The CM inspected the medals to be given to the students in the name of Jagananna Animuthyalu.

☛ State Excellence Awards-2023 to be presented by Govt.

☛ The government will give awards to the students who have shown the best performance at the constituency level on June 15, at the district level on June 17, and at the state level on June 20.

☛ The Chief Minister will present the state level awards.

Published date : 09 Jun 2023 05:24PM

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