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Online training program from professors of IIT and IISER to 35,000 Teachers in AP!

Sri. Praveen Prakash, IAS, Principal Secretary, School Education had a fruitful meeting with the Director of IIT Tirupati Shri.KN Satyanarayan, Director IISER Tirupati Shri. Shantanu Bhattacharya and Professor Mangal of IIT Madras, regarding training of government teachers of AP who teach Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English in 6,000 High School in Andhra Pradesh.
IIT training for AP teachers

Praveen Prakash said that if everything goes according to the plan, Online training program from professors of IIT and IISER to 35,000 of subject teachers, teaching 12 Lakhs students in 6,000 Government High School of Andhra Pradesh will commence from 2nd October 2023. This will be a memorable day for Andhra Pradesh.

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He also said that "While taking the feedback over the phone from the parents, I got a good understanding of the implementation of the Jagananna Vidya Kanuka program in different districts of the state. Getting encouraged by this, I would like to use this tool to take feedback from the students regarding the efforts taken by the teachers to prepare the student for Formative Assessment 1 Test which is scheduled from 1st August, Tuesday. On 31ST July, Monday, 5:00 PM onwards, randomly I will be calling up students in the state and will ask the following Questions: -

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a) Whether the syllabus envisaged for Formative Assessment 1 has been covered by the teachers or not.
b) Whether the Classwork notes have been corrected by the teachers or not.
c) If corrected, whether it is just a mechanical correction or efforts have been put by the teachers to do word-by-word corrections. If required, if the student is having a smartphone, I will encourage the student to take a picture of the corrected notebook and send the picture to me on WhatsApp."

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He requested to share the above message with all the teachers with added information that if during the feedback session, if any lapse is found, the concerned teachers will be requested to meet the Principal Secretary along with MEOs, on 7th August, Monday, at State Secretariat at 11:00 AM, to explain the reason for the lapse.

He also requested the teachers to motivate all the students to write the tests related to Maths, EVS, Social Science, and Physical Science in English Medium. After exposing the students to the bilingual textbook for 3 years continuously, even then if the student is not able to write the exams in English medium, then there is some deficiency in our teaching. It is expected that all the students from classes 3rd to 9th will write their First Formative test of this Academic Year in English medium.

Published date : 06 Jul 2023 06:31PM

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