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Andhra Pradesh Schools Likely Getting Early Summer Vacation Due to Heatwave

Summer holidays in AP may come earlier than expected due to the hot summer. check details below.
AP Summer holidays 2024

Heat Impacting Students

Schools in Andhra Pradesh may see summer holidays starting earlier this year due to the rising heatwave.  The scorching temperatures are making it difficult for children, especially younger ones, to attend school.

Expected New Summer Holidays Dates

The Education Department is considering starting summer break on April 24th, 2024, and extending it until June 13th, 2024. This would be a significant increase from last year's schedule, offering students nearly 50 days of vacation.

Decision for Regular and 10th Grade Students

While the official announcement is pending, the break for regular students is expected to be around 50 days.  10th graders will likely have a similar duration following their exams.

Important Dates

  • Existing holidays during potential summer break period: Holi (March 25th), Good Friday (March 29th), Ugadi (April 9th), Eid ul Fitr (April 11th), Sri Ramanavami (April 17th)
  • Other upcoming holidays: Bakrid (June 17th), Moharram (July 17th), Independence Day (August 15th), etc.

Last year, summer break for Andhra Pradesh schools ran from May 1st to June 11th. Telangana and private schools had a similar schedule (April 25th to June 11th).

Published date : 20 Mar 2024 12:18PM

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