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Why tyres of vehicles are black in colour?

A: It is our common experience that we find the tyres of cycles, cars, bikes and lorries are black (dark) in colour. The reason is not to see that tyres willwithstand 'dirt'. The tyres of the above vehicles should possess certain important qualities. What ever be the speed of the vehicle with which it is travelling the air in the tube in the tyre of the vehicle should not decrease. The tyres should have power to withstand the friction between the road and the tyre which aries while travelling. They should be rigid enough to last long. An ordinary rubber will not have all these qualities so that it can be used in manufecturing tyres for Vehicles. So while making tyres the manufacturers will mix certain other substances in the rubber. They mix 35% 'Butagene rubber' which will give enough strength to the tyres to with stand the frictionel forcess. In addition to the substances, they add 65% of 'Carbon black' which gives the tyres the neccessary nigidness further, they add processing oil, production wax to the rubber and make the tyres. The carbon black and silica which will be in greater amounts in the tyres will produce a black substance due to which the tyres will possess black colour. The tyres which are manufactured as described above will last long and can run nearly thousands of kilometers without any erosion
Published date : 12 Jul 2013 06:02PM

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