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Why the eyes of some people are blue in colour?

Science in Daily lifeThe pigment in the eye ball of an eye decides the colour of the eye. Depending on the extent of the bichemical liquid called 'Melanin' the colour of the eye ranges from light value to dark wheatish colour. The eyes of the people of the Western countries, whose hair colour is either white or light gold, would produce this melanin in lesser percentage. Due to this reason, the light rays that reflect in their eye balls produce blue colour in aboundance and their eyes appear in blue. As the amount of melanin increase the extent of the colour of the eye will be from green to wheatish colour.

The colour of the eyes will be decided by Genes also. Even though the scientists have not come to a conclusion about this factor in the world the persons with green and dark wheatish eyes are more than that of blue. In North Europe, we can find more people have blue eyes, and we can find people in the rest of the world having wheatish-coloured eyes. Out of every ten lakh people, one will have two different colurs in two eyes. This is because of a genetic disorder called hydrochromia.
Published date : 20 Nov 2013 02:51PM

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