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How the speed of air is measured by environmental scientists?

Science in Daily lifeThe instrument with which the speed of air is measured is called 'Aenimometer'. In Greek language, "aenimose" means morning air which has faster movement i.e. wind. This instruments measures the speed of air either in meters per second or nauts (nautical miles per second). This instrument works on the principle of a fan which rotates at high speed. When the speed of the wind is more, the blades of the fan rotate with greater speed.

Similarly, the speed of the air is measured from the pressure exerted by air in a small tube. As the speed of the air entering the tube increase, the pressure on the air which was already in the tube also increases. The instruments is called pyrout tube, which is used to measure the speeds of aeroplanes and is also used to measure the speed of air. In addition the instrument which measures the Ultrasonic sound and the instruments to measure the temperature for very hot wires to cool by air are also used to measure the speed of air. In accordance with the International agreement the speed air is measured by an instrument installed at a height of 10 meters from the ground. Because as there will be many obstructions on the surface of the earth, the speed of air may not be measured accurately.
Published date : 20 Nov 2013 02:52PM

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