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Why rain drops have Spherical Shape?

Science in Daily lifeThe free surface of a liquid will be like a stretched elastic membrane. It means, the surface of liquid will have a property of stretching because of which, the surface will be under a tension called surface tension. Because of this tension small worms and mosquitocs standing on water will not drown, not because they know a form of yoga.

If liquids get freedom, because of the surface tension, they will try to occupy minimum surface area. out of all the geometric shapes, the sphere will have minimum surface area. That is the reason why the rain particles failing freely will take a spherical shape. That's why the rain drops are spherical in shape.

Sweat drops forming on our body where the surroundings are hot, especially in summer season, the oil that is splashed in water, the mercury spilled from a bottle and falls on the floor, the milk poured from a height on a land (cement) ground will assume spherical drops. The reason for such shape is - the property of surface tension possessed by liquids.

- Laxmi Emani
Published date : 20 Nov 2013 02:43PM

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