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Is LAZINESS an universal style ?

A bus at rest when suddenly moves, then the passengers sitting in it lean backwards opposite to the motion of the bus. When a bus running fast suddenly stops, the passengers in it lean forwards in the direction of motion of the bus. To know the cause of these experiences, one should know about a property possessed by all objects in the universe called 'Inertia' which in Greek language means 'Laziness'.

What is 'Inertia' ?
As propounded by the eminent Physicist Sir Isaac Newton, every body in the universe will be either in the state of rest or of uniform motion (same speed) along a straight line. A body by itself cannot change from rest into motion or motion to rest. It means that every object will be 'Lazy' to change its state which means that every body possesses 'Inertia' (Laziness). In order to overcome this inertia, a 'force' is to be applied on the body. So force is that which overcomes the inertia of the body from its deep slumber.

If a bus 'at rest' suddenly moves....
A person sitting in a bus at rest will possess 'Inertia of Rest'. It means his physical property is to continue in the state of rest only. Now, if the bus suddenly starts moving, the feet of the person touching the floor of the bus move along with the bus. Though his feet are moving, the upper portion of his body tries to be in a state of rest due to inertia. Because of this that person leans backward opposite to the direction of motion of the bus. For this reason only a person standing (at rest) on a road tries to alight a running bus, his feet as soon as they touch the bus set into a state of motion where as the upper portion of his body tries to continue in its original state of rest. Because of this he falls backwards on the road opposite to the direction of motion of the bus. To avoid this, before he steps into the moving bus he has to overcome his state of inertia of rest and get into the state of inertia of motion. To achieve this instead of boarding the bus all of a sudden.... he has to run along with the bus for some distance until he overcomes his inertia of rest and get into the inertia of motion. Then he has to hold a convenient part of the bus and applying sufficient force on the road by his feet (kicking the road) (action) and he will get into the bus safely by the reaction force developed by the road on his feet.

When a speedily moving bus suddenly stops...
A person sitting in a fast moving bus or train possess the inertia of motion. At this stage, if the vehicle is stopped suddenly by applying the brakes, the feet of the passenger which are in contact with the floor of the vehicle suddenly comes to rest. But the upper portion of his body which is in inertia of motion continues to be in the state of motion only. Because of this he leans forward.

Due to the same reason a person suddenly gets down from a moving bus he falls forward on the ground. The cause for a cyclist to lean forward when he applies brakes of his cycle all of a sudden or a horse rider to lean forward when he pulls the reins in his direction suddenly is coming into inertia of rest from inertia of motion all of a sudden.
Lakshmi Emani
Published date : 26 Jun 2012 06:51PM

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