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How does a cordless phone work?

- Laxmi Emani

Most of us know how an ordinary landline telephone works. The land-line phone is connected through wires to a telephone exchange. When we talk in the phone the sound waves are converted into radio waves and reach the exchange where they are again converted into sound waves and send to the phone on the other side through wires.

In a cordeless phone all this procedure goes a step a head. Cordless phone consists of a radio tranmitter and a receiver. It also has two important parts; the base unit and protable unit. The base unit is connected to the phone line and kept in place and would be given power supply. The portable unit is the one we use for talking. We can carry portable unit and talk while we are moving around in our house surroundings. In India, the portable unit can be used within 100 meter radious in and around our house. The conversation in the cordless phone would be converted into radio waves and shuttle between the base unit and portable unit since portable unit is not connected with a wire. That's why the phone is called cordless phone; cord means a string or rope made from twisted strands.

When your friend phones you, those sound waves will first reach the base unit of his phone and they would be converted into radio waves and transmited to your phone. The receiver in your portable unit receive those radio waves and converts them into sound waves with the aid of the speaker inside the receiver and you can hear your friend talking. When you respond, the portable unit in your hand converts your words into radio waves and send them to your friend's phone where they are converted into sound waves by the speaker inside the receiver of your friend's portable unit.
Published date : 20 Nov 2013 02:50PM

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