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Honey, to keep it fresh, need not be kept in refrigirator why?

Science in Daily lifeAny substance is spoiled because of bacteria or virus and they will not survive in very cold temperatures. That's why the substances stored in the refrigirators dont get spoiled qucikly.

However, honey is a liquid which will not spoil even if it is kept out of refrigirator for longer periods. This is because it contains more of sugar and very less amount of water. The percentage of sugar will be 70 to 80 per cent where as the water is only 15 - 20 per cent. Bacterial and virus can not survive in honey. Moreover, virus cannot fight certain enzymes and acids of the honey. That is the reason why doctors sometimes apply honey to cure the wounds. In addition, honey contains pollen minerals, vitamins and proteins. ordinary sugar contains a substance called sucrose where as honey contains different kinds of sugar like glucose and fructose, because of which honey will not solidify.
Published date : 20 Nov 2013 02:50PM

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