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From cycle mechanic to UPSC IAS ranker: Varun Kumar Baranwal's inspiring journey against all odds

Life took an unexpected turn for Varun Kumar Baranwal, who was born in a small village in Maharashtra. A bright student, always a topper, had to sacrifice his education after tenth grade due to his father's sudden passing. His family's livelihood fell upon him, forcing him to work at his father's cycle mechanic shop while his mother toiled as a maid. Though yearning to resume his studies, meager income made it impossible.
IAS Varun Kumar

Hope emerged when a doctor they knew helped Varun finish school. Determined to further his education, Varun's mother sent him to the city against all odds, even as she continued to struggle for their survival. Varun, fueled by her sacrifice and his own ambition, diligently completed his higher education. After completing his engineering from he joined a job. However, he had to quit job to live his dream of becoming an IAS officer.

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The UPSC exam beckoned, but the road was bumpy. Limited resources and no access to coaching seemed insurmountable. Yet, Varun persevered. Friends generously shared their books, his spirit buoyed by their support. He crafted his own study plan, clocking 18 hours daily, often on just one meal. Undeterred by the lack of formal coaching, Varun meticulously prepared, devouring every resource he could find. Doubt was a distant thought, replaced by unwavering resolve. He poured his heart and soul into his preparation, leaving no stone unturned.

Finally, the results arrived. A year of relentless effort culminated in a glorious victory - Varun secured the UPSC Civils 32nd rank in the entire nation! Joy knew no bounds. His mother, the unwavering pillar behind his success, beamed with pride as news of his achievement spread.

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Varun Kumar's story is a testament to the power of human spirit. His journey from a humble cycle mechanic to an IAS ranker is an inspiration to anyone facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. It whispers a powerful message: with unwavering determination and unyielding hard work, any dream, however distant, can be realized.

Published date : 20 Jan 2024 03:04PM

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