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'12th Fail' IPS Manoj's Success Journey is a Roller Coaster; Check His Early Struggles and Turning Point!!

While many believe only the brightest minds can crack the prestigious UPSC exams and become IAS or IPS officers, Manoj Sharma's story shatters that stereotype. This former failing student, who once stumbled through class 12 and even faced three UPSC failures, defied the odds and rose to become an IPS officer, proving that even the most unlikely paths can lead to remarkable achievements.
12th Fail IPS Manoj sharma inspiring story  UPSC Success Story   The Remarkable UPSC Journey of Manoj Sharma

His journey, now immortalized in the Hindi film "12th Fail," serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring dreamers everywhere.

A Childhood Defined by Challenges

Manoj Kumar Sharma, an ordinary boy from Bilgram village in Madhya Pradesh, had an extraordinary dream: to become an IPS officer. However, his path was fraught with challenges. Poverty, limited access to quality education, and initial failures threatened to extinguish his fire.

Early Struggles and Turning Point

Manoj's childhood was marked by the harsh realities of poverty. Education wasn't a priority in his village, and copying was rampant. But a chance encounter with a dedicated police officer, DSP Dushyant, during a school inspection, sparked a change. Dushyant's words, "Don't cheat, stop copying," resonated deeply with Manoj, inspiring him to embrace honesty and hard work.

IPS Manoj 12th Fail

Chasing the UPSC Dream

Armed with newfound determination, Manoj embarked on his journey to Delhi to pursue his UPSC dream. His grandmother's selfless act of gifting him her pension money provided the initial push. However, the city proved harsh, and a robbery stripped him of his resources. Yet, he persevered, finding support in friend Anurag Pathak.

Facing Setbacks and Finding Strength

Despite his relentless efforts, Manoj's first three attempts at the UPSC exam yielded disappointment. He returned to his village, heartbroken by his grandmother's passing but fueled by a renewed resolve. With the unwavering support of his parents, he bounced back, preparing for the prelims once more.

Love as the Catalyst for Change

Falling head over heels for his classmate Shraddha Joshi, Manoj found his motivation. Though hesitant due to his academic failures, he finally confessed his feelings, and her acceptance ignited a fire within him. He realized, "If I can win Shraddha's heart, I can achieve anything." This newfound confidence fueled his determination to pursue his long-held dream of joining the Indian Police Service.

IPS Manoj

Embracing Grit and Perseverance

His path to success was paved with hardship. Financial constraints forced him to juggle odd jobs during the day while burning the midnight oil for his UPSC preparation. He endured countless sleepless nights, even spending some on the streets amidst beggars. Yet, through it all, his love for Shraddha and his unwavering dream kept him going.

Triumph After Trials: From Failure to IPS

Three failed UPSC attempts could have broken anyone's spirit, but Manoj refused to give up. His fourth attempt met with resounding success, bagging him the 121st rank and the coveted IPS badge. He had conquered not just the exam but also his own doubts and limitations.

A Love Story and a Shared Dream

Shraddha remained Manoj's pillar of strength throughout his journey. With his support, she too cracked the UPSC exams, becoming an IRS officer. Their love story, intertwined with their shared dreams and struggles, is a testament to the power of love and unwavering support.

An Inspiration to Us All

Manoj Sharma's story is not just a personal triumph; it's a message of hope for every dreamer who feels lost or discouraged. He reminds us that success doesn't follow a straight line, that failure is inevitable but not insurmountable, and that with unwavering grit, even the most unlikely dreams can take flight. So, the next time you face a hurdle, remember Manoj Sharma, the F-student who became an IPS officer, and let his story be your guiding light.

Published date : 09 Jan 2024 11:01AM

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