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Family support was key, says third ranker Uma Harthi

Hyderabad, May 23 (IANS) N. Uma Harathi, who has scored all India third rank in the Civil Services Examination, 2022, said she could achieve this because of family support with the main motivation coming from her father.
UPSC Civils 3rd Ranker Uma Harathi
UPSC Civils 3rd Ranker Uma Harathi

Hailing from Nalgonda district of Telangana, Uma is daughter of Superintendent of Police of Narayanpet, N. Venkateshwarlu.

A graduate (B Tech) in Civil Engineering from IIT, Hyderabad, she stood third in the rank with anthropology as her optional subject. She had first selected geography as the subject but later changed into anthropology.

"This exam process requires emotional support. Male or female, one can achieve this success with family support," she said, sharing her thoughts on the secret of her success.

"Information, content and books all are freely available but emotional support and family support will not be available. That is important," she said.

Uma advised students who think of committing suicide over failure in exams not to get demotivated. "Take motivation from wherever you get. If my story is of any help, use it. I have been studying for the last five years. I have seen many failures in the process. My parents believed in me and I continued my studies, which is my duty and I saw the result."

She said Civil Services was her target from the beginning and after graduation, she did not take up a job but stayed at home to prepare for the exam and her parents supported her.

The police officer's daughter also revealed that she did not expect the third rank. "I was hoping to get some rank but did not expect the third rank," she said.

Published date : 23 May 2023 07:45PM

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