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Inspiring Nagasai Manasvi Shines with Remarkable Score of 599/600 in AP 10th Results 2024!

In this year's AP 10th results, girls have showcased exceptional performance, with 100 percent pass rates recorded in 2803 schools across the state. Amidst this, a remarkable achievement stands out as Akula Venkata Nagasai Manasvi, hailing from Eluru, secured an astounding 599 marks out of 600, emerging as the state topper.
Nagasai Manasvi 599/600 marks in AP 10th Results 2024

Akula Venkata Nagasai Manasvi's exceptional achievement has left everyone astonished. With 100 marks in each subject except Hindi in AP 10th Class Results 2024, where she scored 99, Manasvi's near-perfect score is a testament to her dedication and academic excellence.

Record-breaking Score:

  • Manasvi, from Eluru district, secured an impressive 599 marks out of 600, becoming the state topper.
  • This score is remarkable as it's the highest anyone has achieved in the AP Tenth exams, missing a perfect score by just one mark in the second language.

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Manasvi's Journey:

Coming from a family of educators, with both parents serving as government schoolteachers, Manasvi has imbibed a deep-rooted passion for learning from a young age. Her commitment to her studies, coupled with a voracious reading habit, has propelled her towards this extraordinary feat. Reflecting on her journey, Manasvi expresses her admiration for former President APJ Abdul Kalam and her love for cricket, particularly admiring Virat Kohli's game. However, her dedication to her studies leaves little time for leisure activities.

Nagasai Manasvi AP 10th Class Topper

Manasvi's father, who recently secured a government job after years of perseverance, serves as her ultimate inspiration. His unwavering support and sacrifices have fueled Manasvi's determination to excel academically.

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Despite the challenges she faced, including studying late into the night and waking up early to revise, Manasvi's hard work has paid off, culminating in a record-breaking achievement. Her remarkable score not only reflects her academic prowess but also symbolizes a profound dedication to her education.

Engineering at IIT:
Looking ahead, Manasvi aspires to pursue engineering at IIT and carve out a successful career path for herself. Her outstanding performance serves as a beacon of inspiration for students everywhere, reaffirming the power of determination and perseverance in achieving one's goals.

Memorable Quotes from Manasvi:

  • "10th Class Marks List is with us all our life... a reflection of our interest in education." - Manasvi (on the importance of these exams)
  • "There is no better hero than my father. He is never empty." - Manasvi (on her father's perseverance)
  • "We hope to get good marks. But I did not expect to get so many marks and achieve a record." - Manasvi (expressing her delight)

Manasvi's story is an inspiration to students everywhere, showcasing the power of dedication and a strong support system. Her record-breaking score might stand for a long time, motivating future students to strive for excellence.

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Published date : 27 Apr 2024 03:24PM

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