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Alternatives to Campus Interviews; Check Various Other Options To Get A Job!!

The campus recruitment process through campus interviews in top institutes like IITs, IIMs is a normal and they offer packages worth crores of rupees. Major companies from startups to MNCs visit and recruit students. Similarly, campus interviews are being conducted in other institutes and colleges too.
Alternatives to Campus Interviews; Check Various Other Options To Get A Job!!

However, there are other ways to attend interviews and get job for the students who can't attend or succeed in campus interviews. Let's check them -

There are many ways available to get jobs in the job market. Experts say that if the candidates adapt themselves to the new technologies and requirements, getting a job is easy.

Off-campus recruitments

If you look at the job market right now, there are many companies doing off-campus placements. This trend is seen mostly in the IT sector as well as in banking, manufacturing, retail and other sectors. There is an opinion that IT recruitments are done only through campus drives. But in recent years software companies have also been making off-campus placements for talent. That is why special recruitment tests are conducted.

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Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Cognizant, which are known as IT giants, are conducting online recruitment tests, even for degree students. From BPO to key coding and programming, there are many job profiles available.


IT companies are going online for the selection of candidates who specialize in coding and programming. Conducting coding and programming tests in the name of hackathons, identifying those with skills and finalizing appointments is another way that MNCs are following to recruit the talented. The companies are disclosing the details of the respective tests and hackathons through their websites as well as other media. So, candidates can participate in these and prove their talent.

Referral‌ Entry

Companies are making appointments in the name of referral entry in the open recruitment process i.e., by informing the staff of the company about the vacancies in their company. They can refer the skilled candidates they know. Freshers can also take advantage of this opportunity. Opportunities can be availed through referrals and entry process through their acquaintances in the respective companies.

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Internship experience is becoming increasingly crucial in off-campus job search. Currently students of professional degree courses are required to do internships in various institutions as a part of the curriculum. Students who have completed the internship can use the contacts already established with the staff and superiors of the organization to seek their assistance in the field of employment. In addition, if the student shows good talent during the internship and if there are vacancies, the company shall offer job. In the same way many companies are giving jobs considering internship experience.

Job Search Portals

A great way to find a job is through Job Search Portals. Job vacancies are available on job portals such as, Indeed, Naukri,, TeamLease, etc. If you create your own profile and upload your resume / CV, you will find job descriptions that suit to your qualifications. By specifying ‘Key Skills’ while creating the profile, job information related to them will be available. Based on this, apply for these jobs and prepare for the next selection process. The Alert option is also available on job search portals. If the ‘Alerts’ option is selected, when the job listing matches the qualifications specified by the candidates, the information of the new job will be sent in the form of e-mails and SMS.

Impressive Resume

Job-seeking students with an off-campus approach should pay special attention to resume. Resume should be designed to impress recruiters. Experience, academically done project works or other achievements, internships, experience, specialized skills must be included in the resume. Only then recruiters will consider to call these candidates for the selection process.

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Social media

In the current situation, off-campus approach is another great way available to job seekers. Especially if you create a profile on professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you will have the opportunity to follow experts from various fields. You can contact the seniors of various companies through the network and search for job opportunities. Their advice can also be useful for a good career. In the same way professional social media sites provide information on new job opportunities relevant to the profile. So if you expand the social media network, the information on the recruitments will be known.

Alumni Relations‌

Opportunities can be obtained by contacting alumni who have already studied in their institutes and settled in the respective fields. Inform the skills acquired academically, find out information about opportunities. Recently, alumni of IITs, IIMs and other institutes have set up special alumni associations to support job creation through them. You can take advantage of this opportunity.

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Another way for freshers to get together in job search is to contact the campus placement representatives. Students can get to know about the requirements of various companies known to the representative, and skills required by the companies. By knowing this information, students explore opportunities in companies that suit them. In recent years, some institutes have transformed campus placement units into career development centers. They provide advice and guidance to students on skills that are relevant to the organization as well as provide training facilities.

Virtual Interviews

Companies that recruit through off-campus basis, however, conduct the process online. Virtual interviews are conducted with candidates who are suitable for the job. As a part of this virtual selection process, tests such as Group Tasks and Group Discussions are conducted online. If you want to succeed in these, you need to have awareness on these in advance. Care should be taken that no interruptions occur during virtual interviews, while using Zoom, MS Teams, etc. In a virtual interview, be sure to be a professional in matters such as body language and dressing.

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Think out of the box
Students who want to step into the job market, must first think out of the box. Let go off the notion that jobs can only be created with campus drives. Now companies are making direct off-campus recruitments in the name of online tests and talent tests. These should be taken advantage of. Job search portals are also very useful. In order to select these, you have to upload the profile, taking into account their authenticity.
–Ramesh Loganathan, IT Specialist

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Published date : 04 Jan 2022 01:13PM

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