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Perfect Tech Resume Tips

Wanna be a techie…!! Then just believe in yourselves and send an effective technology resume to the company you are applying for. What actually is a technology resume? A technical resume differs from a normal CV and it is different for all jobs. If you’re not clear and facing difficulties on what to be included in a technical resume. An expert advice will always be helpful for a tech CV. Here are some tips on creating the perfect tech resume….
Frame your technical skills….
An effective technology resumes clearly show the candidate's technical skills. A hiring manager doesn’t take a look at the resume completely. So, highlight your technical skills in the resume. Frame it as a separate section. Make sure, the recruiters couldn’t take his eyes off from your resume. If the interviewer is happy with your technical skills, then he may consider you for further rounds.

Brief your previous work history…
Mention your experiences in the resume within 3 to 4 lines. Brief them in a table or in the form of points (using bullets). Make them simple and short. Example...
  • Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, LINUX
  • Languages: JAVA, Visual Basic, C/C++, Perl
  • Database: Oracle, MS SQL Server
  • Networking: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN

List only those programs/applications that you’re confident about. Don’t include the topics on which you’ve no idea. You should confidently discuss and answer the questions regarding the topics in an interview.

Work experience is a key component of your resume, but it should not feature a comprehensive list of all the jobs that you’ve held. Mention the most important positions that will show the hiring manager that you’re qualified for the new job. Explain how your actions helped the company to meet deadlines.

Keywords to be included…..
Include the terms related to technical field. Make sure, the words used are appropriate and are meaningful. They should not look like as if they are inserted between sentences. Use the words according to your resume. For example, consider the words like....... “Activated”, “Designed”, “Organized”, “Developed”, “Initiated”, “Utilized”, “Demonstrated”, “Involved” etc in your resume.

Entry level resume includes…
The content of the resume for entry level job seekers and for professionals will never be the same. The qualifications and technical skills will differ between entry level and professionals. A fresher should focus on skills and projects while creating a tech resume.

You should be clear, and structure your resume well. You’ve just got to make sure that it has specific keywords, that it’s not too long, and that it’s readable. Provide the information recruiters want so that they don’t throw your resume in the trash pile. Prepare a tech friendly resume and make it noticed. Also, be sure to update your resume annually. Good luck guys…!!
Published date : 07 Jan 2016 02:28PM

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