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Software jobs with traditional degree courses!!

Software jobs are for those who have done engineering so far. But now, even if you have done traditional courses like BA, BCom, B.Sc .., you will have the opportunity to do a software job.
Job oriented traditional courses
Job oriented traditional courses

Specialized courses in traditional degrees will be available. Multinational companies are also planning to take up campus placements in degree colleges.

Telangana State Council of Technical Education Chairman R. Limbadri said that the exercise has already been expedited in this direction and government and private degree colleges in the state are getting ready. State universities in the state, including Osmania, on the other hand, are focusing on changing the nature of traditional degree courses.

Jobs for 20 to 30 thousand people.

4.5 lakh people are completing traditional degree courses (BA, B.Sc, B.Com) in Telangana every year. Even 20 per cent of them are unable to get jobs with adequate salaries. On the other hand, up to two lakh people are completing various engineering courses in the state every year. Multinational companies (MNCs), leading software companies employ 20,000 to 30,000 people through on-campus recruitment. No matter the jobs .. Companies say that there are no candidates to suit the changing needs.

Therefore, whatever the degree, whatever the course, there is a situation where companies can recruit candidates if they have the necessary technical skills, said a company placement manager. New courses need to be made available for this.

What are you going to do in the degree?

An exercise is underway to completely change the nature of traditional degree courses. Arrangements are being made to bring in new courses to suit the needs of the market. The Board of Higher Education said that several universities are studying this. For example, Business Analytics at Beacon and Data Science courses at B.Sc. Tata Consultancy, a leading software company, has partnered with Syllabus Designer.

For those who have completed the courses...
TCS provides training to students enrolled in these courses at approximately 120 colleges. Upon completion of the courses they will also undergo a special examination to qualify for jobs in various companies. Similarly, new courses with employment opportunities in BA, B.Sc and B.Com degrees will be introduced. This included an MOU with the British Council on curriculum design for the Arts and Humanities courses. Arrangements are also being made to add a variety of courses related to the software field.

Degree courses to get employment..

Our quest is to improve the quality of traditional degree courses. Work is underway on new courses in this direction. Their appearance is going to change in another year. We are in consultation with the owners of all public and private colleges in this direction. We are already imparting skill development training in partnership with TCS.
                                                                                –R.Limbadri, Chairman, Board of Higher Education

Adapting degree courses

The effort to adapt traditional degree courses to the market is commendable. We expect it to take effect from next year. It is learned that a study is already underway on this. This brings pre-eminence to degree courses.
                                                        - Gauri Satish, KG to PG JAC Convener‌

Published date : 25 Oct 2021 11:26AM

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