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Do you know why your resume is not selected?

Many people upload resumes for jobs on job portals. However, no matter how solid the profile is... you will not get a call for jobs.
Importance of resume

At the same time, the candidates are frustrated that jobs are coming up with good hikes, in good companies for those who are less performing than them. Do you know where the problem is ..?

Due to deductions ..
Companies are in the process of selection. Companies usually set up hiring departments (or HR systems) to recruit jobs. However, before Corona, most people worked in these fields. Since then, due to redundancies the number of employees in those departments has decreased. Many companies use "automated software programs" in the recruitment process to avoid putting pressure on other employees.

Even if there are qualifications..
Yes... These softwares scan the profiles of their companies from job portals and select the employees. It is in this order that mistakes are made. The resumes of millions of employees are not being selected despite their qualifications.

CV (resume) scanning software has now become a must in the employee selection process. About 75% of companies in the US and about 65% of companies (mostly MNCs) in India use this type of application under the name of applicant tracking system. Sometimes brokerage firms (third parties that run the hiring process) also resort to such software. These select employees to suit the package within their scope. In the process, the resume is rejected due to lack of profile to match the package, or scanning errors. Even if you qualify like this, those who have a good profile are not selected for jobs. This is the real story what is happening. Compared to the previous year, it has increased even more this year. It is noteworthy that millions of people are moving away from good packages due to this technical process.

The above information was revealed in a study conducted by Harvard Business Law. A study conducted under the title ‘Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent’ explained in detail how such software, which is intended to be used in a positive light, is becoming an enemy of employee governance.

Published date : 18 Sep 2021 06:14PM

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