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International flavor of France higher education system

France is the fourth most popular destination for international students

Each year more than 278,000 international students choose France for their higher education. The world's fifth-largest economy, France is also the fourth most popular destination for international students. The quality of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world.

Work from the first year of a university program

The right to work applies to all students, including those who are enrolled in the first year of a university program, and those who are enrolled full-time in a language school. France allows students to work 964 hours in a given year, which corresponds to 60% of full-time employment for the year.

France has a national minimum hourly wage, known as the SMIC. The SMIC presently stands at € 9 gross per hour worked, before mandatory withholding for social benefits. Withholding reduces the worker's net wage by about 20%. You are no longer required to obtain temporary employment authorization in order to work part-time while enrolled.

Working at a university

International students are also eligible for student jobs at universities and other public institutions of higher education. Students are hired to provide the following services: assisting incoming students; helping disabled students; providing tutoring; providing IT support and assistance; coordinating and staffing cultural, athletic, and social events; working in the career center; and supporting their institution's promotional efforts.

Student employment contracts are offered for a period not to exceed 12 months. They run from September 1 through August 31. Students may work up to 670 hours between September 1 and June 30, and up to 300 hours between July 1 and August 31.

Student employees follow a work schedule that will not interfere with their studies. The terms and conditions of employment specified in the contract are adapted to the requirements of each student's program so as to ensure academic success while also offering work experience.

Published date : 26 Apr 2012 02:09PM

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