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Canada Study Visa New Rules 2024: Need to Know for Indian Students

Canada's recent immigration updates have surprised many international students, including those from India.
Study in Canada New Visa Rules

The recent updates in Canada's immigration policies for 2024 have stirred a wave of surprise and concern among prospective international students worldwide, particularly those aspiring to study abroad in Canada.

Here's a breakdown of the key changes and how they impact you:

Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) Required: 
Most student visa applicants now need a PAL from a Canadian province/territory. Failure to provide the PAL along with the study visa application in 2024 may lead to rejection. However, Indian students intending to pursue master's or doctoral programs in Canada are presently exempt from attaching a Provincial Attestation Letter to their applications.

Good News for Master's Students: 
The post-study work visa for master's programs has been extended to 3 years, giving graduates more time to gain work experience and explore settling in Canada.

Careful with Private Colleges:
If your goal is to settle in Canada, choose programs from institutions that offer post-study work visas. Studying at a private college followed by a public college diploma might not qualify you.

Spousal Work Permit Changes:
Spouses of students can only apply for an open work permit if the student is enrolled in a master's or doctoral program. Previously, spouses of Canadian study visa holders could apply for a spouse open work permit regardless of the level of program chosen for study in Canada.

Students aiming to pursue higher education in Canada and support their partner's application for a Canadian student spouse visa must be enrolled in either master's or doctoral programs. Otherwise, they may not be able to sponsor their spouse's application. Indian students considering Canada in 2024 should carefully research the new regulations and tailor their application strategy for a higher chance of success.

Published date : 02 Apr 2024 01:25PM

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