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Young Minds, Big Ideas: Sri Chaitanya Students Take Center Stage at TEDx

Sri Chaitanya Future Pathways, the New Generation Global Schools conducted TEDx talks at their campus. The students participated as speakers and spoke on various topics. The details are below.
Sri Chaitanya Future Pathways TEDx

The ideas and words shared by the children on the world prestigious Ted X platform, which stands as a vertical mirror for creative ideas and the leadership of future generations, amazed everyone. The talent shown by the students at the school on the TEDx stage organized on Wednesday under the auspices of Sri Chaitanya Future Pathways Campus in Miyapur entertained everyone.

Campus Principal Bhavna Pathak inaugurated the program where students of classes 6, 7 and 8 spoke on various topics in their own style. The students talked about the problems and challenges faced by India, India's role in the world and other topics with keen ideas.

Speaking on this occasion, Bhavana Pathak said that many eminent people from all over the world have shared their views on the most prestigious TED X platforms and it is a matter of pride to speak at the school level for the first time. She said that such programs will help a lot in developing self-confidence and leadership qualities among students. Pathak stated that Sri Chaitanya Future Pathways will prepare students for today's competitive world.

Published date : 28 Feb 2024 07:03PM

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