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Topper's Talk: Srija, Civils 2020 AIR 20 speaks on her success

Dr. Podishetti Srija, who is ranked 20th in Civils, said that nothing is impossible in life and nothing is so easy.
Srija - Civils Ranker
Srija - Civils 2020 AIR 20

She said she took up IAS coaching with the encouragement from his father Srinivas after completing MBBS. She was happy that she got such a good rank. She said that she had expected to rank below 100 in Civils. Srija explained the details of her career exclusively to Sakshi Education.

Srija said she became an MBBS doctor after being inspired by her mother who was serving as a nurse. She completed her second class to 10th class at Raghunatha High School, Chaitanyapuri, Inter in Sri Chaitanya College, MBBS at Osmania University (2019). From there, she started preparing for the Civils.

Women empowerment

She said that she wanted to serve as a doctor and was encouraged by her father along with her mother. She said she knew how that impact would have on the family if the woman went to higher education. She said that she will work for the empowerment of women as well as education.

Srija said that no one should underestimate themselves and move forward recognizing their inner self. No one should wait for any encouragement and one can achieve anything if they go ahead and believe in themselves. said Srija.

On the first attempt ..
Srija, who is active in education, achieved MBBS on her first attempt as per her father's wish and her father's happiness was boundless. The father wanted his daughter to study IAS without stopping. He told the same thing to Srija and convinced him.

From the most ordinary family to the IAS...
Coming from a very ordinary family, Srija achieved the Best Rank in Civils. Srinivas, who came to the city 20 years ago, has worked in several automobile showrooms. Srija also has a brother Sairaj, who has completed his BBA.

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Published date : 17 Sep 2022 01:49PM

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