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UPSC CIvils 2022 Final Selction List Out: Ishita Stands AIR-1... Women Are Top Rankers

UPSC Civils Interviews for 2022 were completed on May 18th and the results were released on May 23rd afternoon. Ishitha Kapoor stood as AIR-1. The next 3 were also women.
UPSC CIvils 2022 inal Selection List

UPSC has released civils final selection list of 2022 on May 23rd. It is known that Civils prelims exam 2023 will be conducted on May 28th. Aspirants can check the key after the exam in

Ishita Kishore secured AIR 1 followed by women rankers Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishra. A total number of 933 candidates have been recommended for appointment as per following break-up:

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345 (incl. 08 PwBD-1, 06 PwBD-2, 08 PwBD-3 & 05 PwBD-5)


99 (incl. 01 PwBD-1, Nil PwBD-2, Nil PwBD-3 & Nil PwBD-5)


263 (incl. 05 PwBD-1, Nil PwBD-2, 02 PwBD-3 & 02 PwBD-5)


154 (incl. Nil PwBD-1, Nil PwBD-2, 02 PwBD-3 & 01 PwBD-5)


72 (incl. Nil PwBD-1, 01 PwBD-2, Nil PwBD-3 & Nil PwBD-5)


933 (incl. 14 PwBD-1, 07 PwBD-2, 12 PwBD-3 & 08 PwBD-5)

UPSC Civils Services Final Result 2022 Direct Link: Click Here

The final selection list will be updated in and the same will be available in sakshi education also. will also publish the interviews of toppers 2022 after announcing the selection list.

Civils Interviews 2022 were conducted in 3 phases rom January to May 2023.

UPSC Civils Interview Schedule
Phases Date
Phase 1 30 January to 10 March 2023
Phase 2 13 March to 21 April 2023
Phase 3 24 April to 18 May 2023

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UPSC Civils 2023 Prelims

Event Date
UPSC Prelims Exam Date 2022 June 05, 2022
UPSC Prelims Result Date 2022 June 22nd, 2022
UPSC Main Exam Date 2022 September 16, 17, 18, 24 & 25, 2022
UPSC Mains Result Date 2022 06th Dec, 2022
UPSC Interview Date January, 2023
UPSC Final Result January, 2023

UPSC selects candidates for all 21 services including IAS, IPS, IFS through Civil Services Exam. The first stage of this selection process of three stages will be the Prelims, which will be conducted on 28th May. Candidates will be selected for a total of 1105 posts in 21 services through Civil Services-2023.

Around six lakh candidates from across the country are likely to compete for the first phase of the prelims. If you do well in prelims, you will be eligible for the next stage mains. Selection for Mains is done in the ratio of 1:12.5 per post. If six lakh people appear for the civils, only 14 thousand people qualify for the mains! Experts suggest that if you want to stand in this list, you should prepare very carefully.

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Published date : 23 May 2023 03:08PM

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