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Increase in online crime rate, shows the importance of cyber security courses

In this pandemic situation from education to services, all areas are going online. Simultaneously, the rate of cyber-crimes is also increasing day by day.
cyber security courses
cyber security courses

Especially in present technological era, there is a need for experts to prevent cyber-attacks such as phishing, hacking and malware attacks. As a result, there is currently a worldwide demand for cybersecurity jobs. So, let’s have a look at the Career Opportunities in the field of Cyber Security, and the courses and skills required for this.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate in the information security sector is projected to be 37 percent between 2012 and 2022. As per the demand many universities, educational institutions, are offering admissions in various cyber security related courses from diploma to degree.

Job profiles
According to a recent survey - Security Analyst, Security Engineer / Architect, Security / IT Director, Cyber Security Manager, Systems Administrator, Network Architect / Engineer, Forensic Investigator, Auditor, Systems Engineer, etc profiles are available in cyber security field. Especially in banking / finance / insurance, information technology / management, government (defense / non-defense), consulting / professional services.

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IT Security Consultant
Most of the small IT companies and IT based companies do not hire cyber security experts separately. Such companies contact IT security consultants to provide services. They provide cyber security services to the respective companies and charge accordingly. MNCs and major companies seek the services of IT security consultants in emergencies for their security issues. To excel as a Cyber Security Consultant, you must have at least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / Cyber Security. Preference will be given to those who have completed professional courses in IT Security.

Security Systems Administrator
Companies that work with computer networks employ security systems administrators to secure their information. They look after cyber security and infrastructure in organizations. They oversee all IT related security responsibilities, including systems management, data, and networking. They have to solve technical issues that arise. To become a qualified Security Systems Administrator, one must have degree level courses in computer science and related skills too.

IT Security Engineer
It is the responsibility of the IT security engineer to anticipate future cyber problems and make specific arrangements for network security. Security vulnerabilities are to be tracked to find if there is any malware in the software. Companies prefer the experienced for this. Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Computer Science candidature is the eligibility.

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Ethical hacker
Hacking is now a familiar word to everyone. Why because, hacking the websites of leading companies around the world is becoming a sensationright now. Hackers will hack any company's website, steal valuable information, alter it, or shut down the website. Ethical hackers are experts in preventing unethical hacking of websites and information systems. Companies hire ethical hackers to detect flaws and vulnerabilities in their information technology (IT) systems. Professionals working in this field can anticipate problems with computer systems and the dangers of hacking. Detects and warns of system problems, application software errors, and configuration vulnerabilities. They have to estimate and think from the viewpoint ofhackers. Like the possibility of hackers entering computer system and cause damage. Candidates with Engineering / Computer Science / Ethical Hacking Certificates with relevant skills will excel in this field.

Forensic Analyst / Investigator
Forensic Analyst / Investigator is at the forefront of popular domains in recent times. Forensic analysts play a key role in the investigation of crime / cybercrime. They work with both public and private organizations. The nature of the crime will be investigated in depth and they will be presented to the courts along with the evidence as part of the case investigation. They mainly need to know how to take care and preserve the electronic evidence such as computers, hard drives, portable drives etc. Those who have completed courses like B. Sc Forensic Science / M.Sc Forensic Science after Inter with Science Group can get the career opportunities as a Forensic Analyst.

Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Information Security Officer is anexcellent position in the field of cyber security. They look after the company's IT security division. They are accountable for all IT based security related issues and needs in the organization. Companies prefer those with a bachelor's degree or master's degree in cybersecurity.

Published date : 31 Aug 2021 08:06PM

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