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Huge job opportunities in crypto currency platforms!!

Regardless of the attitude of the government and regulatory bodies towards cryptocurrency transactions, their trading and mining activities are increasing significantly domestically. As a result, cryptocurrency platforms are increasingly focusing on recruiting large numbers of professionals.

These require technical skills and are mostly in demand for engineers who are knowledgeable in related fields. Companies are looking for blockchain developer, backend developer, crypto engineers etc. Along with them, product development and marketing staffing are also in demand. With starting wages at least 25–30 per cent higher on crypto platforms compared to traditional information technology companies, engineers are showing interest in these. Starting wages on cryptocurrency platforms domestically are around Rs. 9.5 lakhs. For those with up to two years of experience, the package will be up to Rs 22 lakh. For those who have only a few years of experience in innovative technology like Solidity, the annual salary package will be up to Rs 45 lakh.

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There is a good demand for marketing and product developers. For example, a large crypto exchange platform called Coinbase, which is listed in the United States, is making a large number of recruitments. Pankaj Gupta, vice-president, India division, said recently that the company was launching the project, especially from Hyderabad. Next year, it plans to hire a large number of employees in the fields of engineering, product management, user experience design, etc., with a view to setting up a full-fledged hub in India within two years. Many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium and Lightcoin are traded on the CoinBase platform, which was launched in 2012.

Skills required for crypto developers
The skills required to excel in the field of crypto are different compared to other technology platforms. These are not so easy to learn in the market. The crypto sector requires engineers trained in blockchain technology. There is a need to focus more on code? security, as well as faster code development and implementation. Once put into use, there is not much chance of making changes in the solutions, so users and platforms will lose a lot of money if any mistake is made. So platforms need to be secure to be able to withstand hacking attacks effectively. If hacking happens, crores of money will be wiped out in seconds. Coder? is responsible for this. Industry sources said that this is a risky business and coders will have to be paid attractive salaries.

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Employees in doubt…
While salaries are attractive, employees are reluctant to join because of the lack of regulatory clarity on crypto companies. The Reserve Bank has not yet clarified whether it is positive or negative about cryptocurrency. Hiring is also affected by this uncertainty. Crypto exchange managers say many are reluctant to join companies in the crypto sector as they feel the conditions are not same always. Candidates who want to join are also falling behind due to the concern of their families.

Special courses for Crypto Jobs
Despite the demand for qualified engineers, crypto companies tend to recruit those who trade in cryptocurrency as well as those who do mining. They also provide opportunities to learn refresher courses if needed. Companies feel that the experience gained by doing direct trading is beyond what is learned in other educational institutions. Specialized courses are also available to meet the growing demand for crypto skills. For example, the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States offers a six-week short-term online course on cryptocurrencies. The course fee is Rs. 1.93 lakhs. Recently, Simplilearn, an international digital skills company, teamed up with IIT Kanpur to offer a four-month professional certification program in blockchain technology.

Shortage of experts in blockchain technology...
The two groups act as smart contracts for computer programs that can be used to handle crypto transactions without the involvement of an intermediary. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. For example there is a good demand for programming language professionals called Solidity used to execute smart contracts on blockchain platforms. It came to the screen in 2014. Even those with just a few years of experience in this language can earn up to Rs. 45 lakh.

Although companies like Unocoin? are willing to pay up to Rs 1.45 lakh, experts are not available. The need to hire talented engineers and train them is inevitable with these situations. Observers expect the situation to change if large companies such as Coinbase take over. This could lead to more people being trained and a shortage of professionals can be balanced. Not only engineers but also other staffs are required in crypto exchanges.

Published date : 02 Sep 2021 04:12PM

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