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Cyber ​​Security: Job Guarantee Skills that you Must Possess!!

The whole of human daily life has gone digital. From individuals to top companies, to government operations... everything is online! Under such circumstances, individuals as well as companies are at risk of cyber attacks. Through hacking, phishing, money and other valuable information are being stolen in a matter of moments. The only way to deal with such a cyber threat is cyber security !! This has created a demand for cyber security professionals in the job market. For young people with skills in cybersecurity... companies are giving attractive offers. In this context, let us see cyber security benefits, job market trends, ways to acquire skills...
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Skills Required for Jobs

Cybersecurity is the monitoring of the security of online activities using information technology devices. Computers, network systems, software programs, valuable data... Cyber ​​security protects against hacking. As a result, the need for cybersecurity experts is growing day by day, from multinational companies to government agencies operating online, even in government departments.

In the current scenario, cyber security has become a must in all sectors, from IT to the service sector. It is in high demand in IT cloud services, e-commerce, retail sector, healthcare, edutech, fintech and BFSI. This is due to the fact that companies in these sectors are increasingly serving online. Considering FinTech for example, companies in this sector offer all kinds of services entirely online. Everything from application to approval for the respective services is done online. With that, the risk of hackers attacking and stealing valuable information is high.

Heavy appointments

Recruitment and staffing companies estimate that recruitment in the sector has grown by almost 40 percent over the past year.
The Data Security Council of India estimates that there is currently a need for around one million cybersecurity experts.
Nasscom Data Security Council estimates that by the end of this year, the cybersecurity sector will need 3.5 million people.
TeamLease estimates that the difference between supply and demand is 70 percent.

Cybersecurity professionals are now needed in all fields. The main reason for this is the growing number of hacking problems and malware. With this, opportunities are available for IT companies as well as cyber security professionals in all fields like Electronics, Electrical, Banking, Fin-Tech.
- Prof. T. Bhimarjuna Reddy, IIT-Hyderabad

Who can learn Cyber Security Courses?

Experts claim that students of all disciplines can acquire cybersecurity skills. Degree students can also learn cyber security related courses, if you have mastered Internet, Data Management ‌ / Information, Ethical ‌ hacking. There should be clarity regarding the Internet, especially data information. In the field of cyber security,  there is an opinion that technical 'graduates' will be at forefront. The main reason for this is that technical graduates have a greater understanding of IT applications.

Different sections
The major areas of cybersecurity are data security, application security, incident management and security monitoring, cloud security.

Data Security
The most important field in cybersecurity is Data Security. Data management is very important in order to provide online services. It is imperative that the client‌ companies of the respective companies secure the details of their users and the data related to the services provided to them. In the same way the data needs to be updated from time to time. Even if a small mistake is made during the update, valuable information is in the hands of hackers! 

Application‌ Security
In the current scenario of software services being hacked, application security is the department that develops the strongest security policies at the basic level. It is in the process of designing a program.

IT Security
Another major area in terms of cyber security is IT (Information ‌ Technology) Security. IT security professionals carry out activities such as preventing online scams and creating secure applications. As well as hacking domain / IP details; Identifying where things have been hacked from; In the process of hacking, hackers detect and remove fake items uploaded on the company's website. LAN (Local Area Network) Security; Server‌ Security; Router‌ Security; There is a growing need for IT security professionals in areas such as digital security.

Incident Management and Security Monitoring
This is a section on the core domain as a whole. Information that companies embed in the relevant software. Rum modifications and security measures fall under this category.

Cyber Security Job Profiles

Candidates with skills in the field of cybersecurity are offered jobs at various levels. Entry level (executive manager status); Middle level (manager status); Senior level. There are two other levels available at the senior level. They are Security Advisors, Chief Information Officers.
At the entry level, he gets a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month. After that, based on experience and performance, you can receive a salary of up to Rs. 50,000 per month within three years.

Government scales
Government jobs are also available for cybersecurity professionals. This is due to the fact that government departments are taking steps to conduct their activities online. The need for cybersecurity experts in government departments is also increasing due to the use of DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer), e-Office and Blockchain technology implemented by governments.

Cyber Security Courses

Recognizing the growing demand for cyber security professionals, universities and technical institutes are offering the opportunity to acquire such skills at the academic level.

Developing cybersecurity / information security programs.
Cyber ​​security is taught as a subject in BCA and BTech programs in many educational institutions.
Information ‌ Security Management ‌ Specialization ‌ courses are available at MTech and MCA at PG level only. Some of the leading institutes offering these are:

  • JNTU-Hyderabad: Website:
  • IIIT – Allahabad: Website:
  • CIDAC: Website:
  • Apart from these, IITs and NITs also offer specialization courses at the MTech level under the name of Cyber ​​Security / Information Security. Admission is based on the gate score.

Cyber Security Certifications

  • CCNA Security provided by Cisco; CCNP Security; CCIE Security: Website:
  • Certified Ethical Hacker maintained by EC Council: Website:
  • Institute of Information Security Courses: Website:
  • Certification Courses offered by Data Security Council: Website:


Published date : 25 Oct 2021 11:27AM

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