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VIT-AP University Unveils V-TAPP 2024: A Spectacular Technical Fest for Students

VIT AP University Unveils V TAPP 2024 A Spectacular Technical Fest for Students

Amaravati Andhra Pradesh 22nd Feb 2024: – VIT AP University, a leading institution in technical education, proudly announced the launch of V-TAPP’2024 (VIT AP Technical Fest) today, marking the beginning of a two-day extravaganza that brings together students from various colleges, universities, and institutions. Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar –Chief Coordinating officer, AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India, Vithal Madyalkar – Director IBM Innovation Centre for Education have graced the occasion as Chief guest and guest of Honour.

V-TAPP’2024 serves as a dynamic platform for students to showcase their technological prowess, engage in interactive sessions, and acquire new skills. The fest, themed with the motto "APPLY KNOWLEDGE, IMPROVE LIFE," aims to provide students with exceptional opportunities to demonstrate their talents and innovative ideas.

Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar –Chief Coordinating officer, AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India who graced the inaugural session of V-TAPP 2024 as chief guest said that
The National Education Policy (NEP) promotes the globalization of education, envisioning India as a prominent global knowledge hub. Emphasizing the infusion of technology into education, the NEP strives to enhance the teaching-learning process and expand access to high-quality education, particularly in remote areas. A noteworthy example of this commitment is the commendable effort by VIT-AP University through its tech fest, V-TAPP, which is anticipated to significantly augment the technical skills and knowledge of students.

Vithal Madyalkar – Director IBM Innovation Centre for Education, guest of Honour said,in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, staying abreast of changing technologies has become imperative for students. The dynamism in technology is constant, with innovations and advancements occurring at an unprecedented pace. Exposure to multiple technologies cultivates a versatile problem-solving mind-set. Students can draw upon a broader range of skills and tools to address challenges, fostering creativity and innovation.

Dr. SV Kota Reddy, Vice Chancellor of VIT AP University, said that "V-TAPP’2024 is a celebration of technology and creativity, where students can unleash their potential and contribute to the advancement of knowledge."

V-TAPP Tech Fest serves as a vibrant platform where students from various colleges, universities, and institutions converge to compete, interact, and expand their technological horizons. Under the inspiring motto, "APPLY KNOWLEDGE, IMPROVE LIFE," the fest is designed to provide students with unparalleled opportunities to showcase their technical proficiency and creativity.

Elaborating on the significance of the fest, Dr. Jagadish Chandra, Registrar, said, "This event is not just a competition; it's a collaborative space for students to learn, grow, and be inspired by the ever-evolving world of technology."

The 2 days of V-TAPP’2024 will witness a series of exhilarating tech events, including:

Robo Race: A thrilling competition where robots race against each other on a heart-pounding track, with only the fastest claiming the championship.

Shark Tank VIT-AP: An opportunity for participants to pitch their startup ideas, persuade potential clients, detail execution plans, and showcase the practical applications of their innovations.

Fight Robots: Teams with their robots faced off in a fierce battle, determining the ultimate champion in this clash of the machines.

Robo Soccer Lazer Ops: Teams competed in a high-energy game of vehicular soccer with wireless bots.

FrameX-Web Hack: A web development challenge where participants created websites based on specific constraints, showcasing their skills in tools and animations.

Code Astra: A high-stakes coding competition challenging programmers of all skill levels with real-world coding scenarios and offering stellar prizes.

Valorant: A team-based tactical shooter game where two teams, each consisting of five players, competed against each other.

Lazer Show: A visual entertainment display featuring laser light to create various patterns, images, and effects.

FIFA X Jump Force: Game sessions, cosplay photoshoots, and a comfortable, fun atmosphere for anime and gaming fans.

IPL Datathon: A unique cricket gaming experience using Virtual Reality, allowing participants to participate in the IPL auction and form teams based on statistical records and compatibility.

VR Cricket: Another unique cricket gaming experience utilizing Virtual Reality technology.

V-TAPP’2024 continues tomorrow with more exciting events, competitions, and opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the world of technology and innovation.

Dr.Sibi Chakkaravarthy Sethuraman – Convener V-TAPP 2024 tech fest, Dr.Harikishan Kondaveeti,Dr.Sudha Matte Ellison Co-Convenors, Dr.Khadeer pasha Deputy Director –Student welfare were present on the occasion

Published date : 22 Feb 2024 07:05PM

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