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Empowering Educators: A Collaborative Effort to Strengthen Andhra Pradesh's Higher Education

The Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (MMTTC) at the University of Hyderabad (UoH) has taken a significant step towards improving the quality of higher education in Andhra Pradesh. Through a series of capacity-building programs for lecturers from government degree colleges, MMTTC-UoH is empowering educators across various disciplines.
Empowering Educators

Building Skills for the Future

These meticulously designed training programs align with the National Education Policy (NEP) by equipping educators with essential skills and fostering overall development. As part of the Viksit Bharat initiative, the programs go beyond traditional teaching methods and aim to revitalize the state's educational landscape.

A Strong Partnership for Shared Goals

Central to this initiative is the collaboration between MMTTC-UoH and the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh. A signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signifies a shared commitment to elevating the standards of higher education. The presence of prominent figures like Prof. B.J. Rao (UoH Vice-Chancellor) and Dr. Pola Bhaskar (Commissioner) highlights the importance of this partnership.

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Building a Strong Foundation

The MoU emphasizes the importance of equipping educators with the necessary tools to nurture future generations. Key individuals like Dr. Pola Bhaskar (Secretary, Higher Education), Dr. P. Anil Kumar (OSD, Commissionerate), and Prof. P. Prakash Babu (MMTTC Director) have been instrumental in shaping and executing this collaborative effort.

A Team Effort for Lasting Impact

The program also benefits from the expertise of Prof. V. Krishna (Dean, School of Humanities), Prof. Samrat Sabat (Director, R&D), Prof. Darla Venkateswara Rao (Head, Department of Telugu), and Dr. P. Vijaya Kumar (Program Coordinator). Their collective knowledge and commitment strengthen the foundation of this partnership, ensuring its effectiveness and long-term impact.

A Model for Change

This strategic alliance exemplifies the transformative potential of collaboration in education. By nurturing a team of well-equipped educators, these initiatives aim to catalyze holistic development, foster innovation, and shape a brighter future for Andhra Pradesh's youth.

A Beacon of Progress

The collaboration between MMTTC-UoH and the Commissionerate serves as a model for progress and innovation in education. Anchored in the NEP and Viksit Bharat, these initiatives showcase the power of partnerships in building a knowledge-driven society.

Published date : 02 May 2024 04:23PM

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