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Some People Snore while Sleeping. Why?

We see some people snore while sleeping and disturb the sleep of others. We all breath air through our nose. But some people breath through their mouth while sleeping for which there may be many reason. If one is suffering from heavy cold, since the nose is blocked, the persons may breath by opening their mouths partly.

In our mouth, there will be a thin skin on the roof of the mouth which will be sticking tightly when we are awake. While sleeping this skin will be little loosened. When some people during their sleep open their mouth and try to breath through their mouth, the air moving in and out of the mouth flutters the loose skin in the upper portion of the mouth. This fluttering of the skin emits a sound which is known as 'snoring'.

Snoring can be controlled to certain extent by trying to sleep on the belly or by turning to sides frequently.

Laxmi... Emani
Published date : 14 Nov 2012 04:39PM

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