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How does a Pencil Eraser function?

When we write or draw a line on a paper with pencil, those lines consist graphite particles transferred from pencil to the paper. These particles will be 2 to 12 micrometers in diameter. These particles will enter little inside the paper and are caught between the fibres of material with which the paper is made.

When we rub the pencil line or letters on the paper to remove those markings with an eraser (rubber) the material of the rubber which is soft will enter into the space between the fibres and pick most of the graphite particles entangled there. We can find these particles sticking to the surface of the eraser (rubber). If the pencil marking are dark, we have to rub on the markings hard, so that sometimes we find the material of the eraser with the graphite particles is found sticking to the paper in a rolled manner.
Lakshmi Emani
Published date : 12 Oct 2012 04:31PM

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