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Hyderabad schools come together to showcase their business pitches, at Youngpreneurs 2023!

The Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur, hosted to an inter-school competition known as 'Youngpreneurs 2023. This unique platform was created with the aim of inspiring and empowering young minds to tap into their entrepreneurial potential. Schools from across the city actively participated in this event, presenting their business pitches to a panel of expert entrepreneurs and industry professionals serving as judges.
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This competition served as a catalyst for fostering creativity, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration among the participants. They had the opportunity to receive invaluable feedback, mentorship, and networking prospects, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Youngpreneurs 2023

It was open to students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades throughout the city. Students were encouraged to submit their startup concepts through an online registration portal. These ideas underwent evaluation, considering factors such as creativity, feasibility, market potential, and presentation. Shortlisted participants were then invited to showcase their ideas before a judging panel during the Grand Finale on October 7, 2023. The competition provided exposure to potential investors, amplifying their entrepreneurial journey.

In the final round, a total of seven teams showcased their innovative ideas: 
Team Avinya from The Hyderabad Public School Ramanthapur proposed utilizing the bokashi compost method to transform waste into compost, which would then be sold to terrace farmers and traditional farmers for cultivating organically grown food. Avinya aimed to directly connect these farmers with restaurants, eliminating the need for middlemen. 

Team Nurture from Global Indian International School Uppal Campus introduced an app designed to revolutionize employment opportunities for differently-abled individuals. Team Agrotastic from Nasr Girls School presented a business concept centered on a platform that utilizes agricultural residues, particularly wheat husk and rice husk, to manufacture outdoor and indoor gym equipment.

Team Sparen from Indus Universal School presented their idea of utilizing an IC engine programmed to monitor battery charge levels, comparing them with predefined safe levels, and ensuring optimal charging and discharging of the batteries. 

Team PetXperts from HPS-Ramanthapur proposed an app that serves as a paradise for pet lovers. This app offers a wide range of services, from purchasing pets to scheduling their health checkups. It provides customers with the flexibility to select suitable subscription plans for an enhanced pet ownership experience. Additionally, PetXperts intends to host pet-related events and engage in social initiatives, such as aiding stray animals and raising awareness through social media platforms.

Team PetXperts from HPS – Ramanthapur clinched the top spot as the victors of the Best Business Pitch in the Inter-School HPSR Youngpreneurs 2023 competition. Extending hearty congratulations to these exceptional young entrepreneurs, Mr. Phani Kondepudi, a member of the judging panel, commended their remarkable passion, vitality, and dedication. He encouraged them to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

Mrs. Nidhi Reddy, the esteemed Chief Guest and Member of HPS Society, shed light on the concept of entrepreneurship by emphasizing that no idea is too small or too large; it is the authenticity and passion that have the power to transform the world. She lauded the extraordinary ideas presented at Youngpreneurs 2023, stating, "Your stories reflect your passion, and each one of you holds an unwritten tale of innovation."

The 7 teams selected were mentored by their respective alumni/faculty mentors to pitch their business idea. The original idea to develop a HPS(R) Entrepreneurship program germinated at the HPS(R) Alumni event in Boston during October 2019. The idea became a reality with the initiative taken up by Entrepreneurship Program Chairman Jay Reddy (Batch 1980), Alumni US Leader Praveen Tailam (HPS(R) 1986), HPSR Alum President Aswin Rao (Batch 1990) along with the support of many alumni association leaders and with the keen support from Dr. Narshima Reddy, Principal of HPS Ramanthapur.

Published date : 14 Oct 2023 01:22PM

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