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TS EAMCET: Large No. of Engineering Seats Unfilled Even After Special Round Counselling

The allocation process of engineering seats in the special round under the convener quota was completed on November 23.
TS EAMCET: 22,679 Engineering Seats Unfilled Even After Special Round Counselling

So far, 71.60 per cent seats have been allotted to EAMCET candidates, said Telangana Technical Education Commissioner Naveen Mittal. There are still 22,679 engineering seats left in various branches. 4,674 seats were secured under the EWS quota.

After Special Round Counselling

  • ‘One hundred per cent admissions were made within nine universities in the state (one private, 8 public).
  • Zero admissions were registered in only one college.
  • Of the total 172 colleges in the pharmacy (MPC section), 4,426 seats are available while 223 seats are allotted and 4,203 seats are vacant. As a result, nearly 2,000 seats became unavailable. They were replaced by computer science courses.

Students who have secured seats in the special round should report to the concerned college on November 26. Many colleges have canceled civil and mechanical courses that have not been in demand for years in engineering.

Computer Science Courses in Demand!!

  • This time 1,21,480 people in the state qualified for the TS EAMCET.
  • A total of 79,856 engineering seats are available in public and private colleges under the convener quota.
  • Of this, 57,177 (71.60 per cent) seats were allotted.
  • In the special round, options are given on November 20 and 21.
  • 14,919 people gave 4,06,096 options.
  • Candidates mostly preferred courses like Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security. As a result, huge number of seats in civil, mechanical and electrical courses remained vacant. Students were not interested in joining these courses in colleges in rural areas.
  • All those who did not get a seat in the two tranches of counseling were given the option of Computer Science Engineering (CSC) in a special round. As a result 92.12 per cent seats were allotted. After that mostly Information Technology branch was chosen. 91.07 per cent seats were allotted in this section.
  • 38.31 per cent filled in civil engineering leaving 3,851 seats unfilled.
  • 28.18 per cent were filled in Mechanical engineering. As a result, 4,239 seats remain.
  • While 41.88 per cent seats were filled in the EEE branch; 4,151 seats remained unfilled.

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Published date : 25 Nov 2021 03:16PM

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