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‘Tell me something about yourself’… Secret revealed!

This is the most common question which is asked in an Interview and equally frightening for the interviewee to answer.
People keep fumbling on this very first question and feeble their chances of getting good job and handsome salary.

It has been a myth for ages that this question is asked to ‘select’ or ‘reject’ you. However, the truth is, this question is just an ice-breaker. It is asked just to make you comfortable. This is the simplest question anyone can ask you to make you feel at home but things happen other way round. One goofs up under stress and tension. One utters some unwanted words and sentences which make no sense and keeps quiet when it’s time to speak sense.

So, the Million dollar question is: What information is to be covered while giving self-introduction and what to do to make it impressive and worth listening to?

Information to be shared:
Personal Information:
Name, Place you belong to, Qualification (10th, 12th and graduation) with marks (if at all you full fill the criteria), Family background (number of members and your parents or siblings Occupation, if relevant)

Internship & Projects: Try to elaborate more on your project like Front-end, Back-end used, Database Connectivity, Future course of action in the project, learning from Project (Technical and Management Qualities): for e.g. Mention I had no idea about ‘Java’ earlier but when I start working on this project I fell in love with the robustness of this language and in management quality mention you emerge as a leader in this project.

Strengths (at least 5): Mention adjectives with real life examples like I was Cultural Secretary for my college for consecutively 2 years and organize functions with great efficiency and precision (It shows you are a Leader, Team player, have good Inter-personal skills, Adaptive etc).

Weakness: Mention Weakness in a way which turns out to be your strength now. For e.g., earlier I ignore my health if I am stuck in my project now daily I practice yoga for 15 minutes without fail. It helped me a lot to keep my mind calm and healthy.

To make it impressive and worth listening to:
  1. Start with an unusual manner with confidence like ‘Let me share with you my internship details first’ or let me start with my academics first. (Usually people start with their name), then share internship details and then family background.
  2. Don't stop in between your introduction. Use fillers.
  3. Avoid repetition of the same word. For e.g. I have completed my schooling, I completed my Engineering. Use instead ‘finished’ or ‘undergone’.
  4. Keep engaging the interviewer by asking questions ‘would you like to know more about my family background or academics.
  5. Tell the interviewer about the things you have learnt while working on the project articulately. Of course after saying I have learnt a lot of things during this project ‘Would you like to know the qualities I imbibed while working on it’?
  6. Mention the support and help of your seniors and professors you interacted with.
  7. Show the reason of your liking for the project or the major you selected and its future work for the betterment of the society or the company you are giving your interview to. (It may be a hazy Idea).
  8. Give answers which have indirect connection with the goals, mission and objectives of the company. If it is a technical answer, then it should gel with the technology used or services offered by the company.
  9. Use more positive words (adjectives describe you closely) and terms used in particular profession like in engineering we use; efficiency, deliverables, resources proficiency, proactively etc. Keeping above things in mind will make your interview a cake walk.
Published date : 13 Jul 2015 04:35PM

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