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Few ways to shine in an interview

“Anu is well qualified and has all the necessary qualifications to fit in for a job. But, she is still in search of a job. She has gone through a lot of interviews but never tasted the flavor of success”. Same as ‘Anu’ we can find lot of people who are in search of their success. This is all because of their abortive presentation skills in the interviews. So, here are a few ways of presenting yourselves in an interview…
Problem Solving Skills
Interviewers will look for someone who is a problem solver not a problem creator. In the interview, they ask questions to test your problem solving skills. Before you answer, just try to understand the question and mention all the available possibilities in rectifying it. Having a creative thought in solving a problem will always be a plus.

Listening Skills
To get succeeded in an interview, listening skills plays a vital role. However, while listening attentively to the interviewer, you may have time to analyze the question and answer it correctly.

Critical Thinking
During the interview, you may face one or two difficult questions. The recruiters will judge your way of thinking and decision making skills with this kind of questions. The job interviewers are looking for critical thinkers who are intelligent on dealing with a difficult situation.

Decision Making
Everyone make decisions everyday in their life either personal or professional. Each decision you make is a way of solving a problem. So, everyone is a problem solver. The recruiters look for people who can show they solve problems. They will judge your decision-making skills with the act of choosing a solution from two or more courses of action for a problem. The key to answering interview questions about problem solving is to highlight a specific instance of your ability to solve problems.

Leadership Qualities
The companies will look for someone who is capable of handling a team. Interviewers would like to test your leadership skills by questioning as “How well can you handle a new project, if you’re made as a team lead”. Don’t feel a surge of anxiety after listening to the question. Just be calm and reply with confidence. The answer should be honest and show your importance towards team. Let the recruiters know about your past experiences as a team lead.

Positive Attitude
A smiling face and friendly appearance will always flourish the people around you. Most interviewers won‘t even give a second thought to someone who has a negative presence or apathetic. The interviewers would try to estimate your attitude with their questions. So, Bring on the positive attitude to your interview.
Good luck guys…

“Good luck is the result of good planning”
Published date : 29 Oct 2015 06:13PM

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