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How to Ace in Tech Interview?

As Developers and IT pros, you need to do all the things everyone else does to prepare for a job interview.
Yeah, you heard it right - updating your resume, working on your communication and presentation skills etc. However, you need to cross a hurdle between you and your dream job i.e., technical interview. It sounds difficult right!! But don’t fear - just get ready to show off your skills. Below you’ll find some tips that are helpful to ace any technical interview.

Master on Basics
Having technical knowledge is very important while going for a technical interview. So, it is important to know about all the basic concepts. Generally, the questions will be asked on Algorithms and Data Structures. The recruiters may also ask queries on graphs, sets, hash tables and binary search trees. They may even ask you to write a code using data structures. It is definitely important to know the basic programming skills in order to impress the recruiters. Therefore, you should be fully prepared by reading atleast two programming books completely. This will not only help you to get succeed in an interview but will also earn you a name as a good programmer.

Your answers will judge you
Recruiters can easily judge the capability of persons based on the answers given at the time of interview. Hence, it is important to focus on these concepts and should know the dissimilarity between these two topics. You should be in a position to explain, when and where to use sets and hash tables to the interviewers. This will surely give the recruiters a positive vibe towards you.

Develop Coding Skills
During the interview, Coding skills of the interviewee are tested by the interviewer. So, you should be well versed on the questions related to coding. No need to worry on that, you can find all the information regarding coding in the internet itself. Practice real time coding, so that, you can nail the interview. Don’t forget syntaxes at the time of interview and be sorry for those infrontof the recruiters.

Technical assessments are simply a way for the employer to find out if you can actually do what you say you can do.

“Try not to stress about it too much, if you don't understand then simply say so. A lack of understanding does not necessarily mean a lack of knowledge”.
Published date : 16 Sep 2015 12:09PM

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