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How to Succeed in Campus Recruitment Drives

Importance of Engineering Career:
Engineering is a dream for many; now-a-days engineering has become a common professional degree with ever growing number of Engineering Colleges both in Govt. and Private Sectors in India. Lakhs of students pass out every year from Engineering colleges, but how many of them are assured with a promising career? What assures them a promising career? How a student should groom oneself during final year engineering course work to get a good career opening during Campus Recruitment Drives in this competitive world? Let us probe further.

How students should prepare themselves during Engineering Course:
Professors may present overview of any subject with in-depth discussion in selected few topics wherever it is felt important. Rest of the things, students will have to learn on their own. Hence self learning is very important quality one should acquire without fail. Otherwise, they will lag behind others.

Spoken English has to be given special attention. Particularly, students coming from rural areas need to overcome their weakness in spoken or written English during the first year. The students should focus on acquiring other skills such as participating in Group discussions and Team events. Learning to build good vocabulary, word power, quantitative/analytical ability and logical reasoning should be done on a continuous basis as these things cannot be acquired overnight. Extra Curricular activities can be taken up as they will also form important components of their resume when they start applying for Jobs/ Higher studies. Exposure to practical things teaches many new things to the students. And one should also identify ones' weaknesses and should find ways in overcoming them to build self confidence.

If one aims to get a Job in Public Sector Units or pursue higher education in engineering in India, they should prepare for GATE exam which is generally scheduled during February every year. By the time Fourth Year starts, students should be very clear about their career goals. A selection of correct career, offers lifelong economical and social stability. It helps to adopt high living standards. Having higher aims in life is not sufficient, but it should be accompanied with great determination and hard work. One should be careful in choosing one's career. They should consider all pro and cons of various available career options. Based on a proper assessment of one's ability and interest levels, they should make up their mind on right career option. Discussion with teachers, seniors, alumni as well as parents is very important in arriving at a final decision. Once a decision is taken, it should be pursued with full dedication and a disciplined approach. Students should chalk out a plan of action so as to realize their goal based on the career option chosen.

One should never lose focus on academics. Maintaining a steady GPA / Percentage of marks during four years of BE course work is very important. A balance between academics, extra-curricular or co-curricular activities and preparation for CAT/GATE/GRE is a must. It is very important to balance studies and college fun equally. A student should not totally concentrate on one and loose focus on other. Time management, Team work and multi tasking are very crucial skills to be acquired by practice.

During final year, the students should aim to present papers in international /national conferences/symposia as they will add value to their resume. The students should also cultivate event management skills by organizing various tech fests in the college. Before final year,during summer break, it will be good to take up some industry attachment program. During final year, great emphasis must be given on identifying and executing a good project work in a topic of interest.

If getting good campus placement is aimed at, then efforts must be put right from first year to final year as discussed above. Students targeting at core jobs should have sound knowledge of fundamentals of their stream of engineering. Students targeting software jobs should be good at soft skills and programming. If target is to get an opening in a Multi national company, then learning one foreign language would be handy. Attending mock Group discussions and mock interviews would do lot of good in their preparation for campus interviews. Dress code, body language and time discipline will all be closely watched by the HR officials during selection process by the companies. Resume preparation is very vital and preparation of answers to typical questions like "tell me about yourself" is very important.

Campus Hiring Season:
NASSCOM, a National Association of Software and Services Companies is an advisory body to most of the Software Companies. It gives guidelines to its member companies as to when they can start their Campus Hiring Season. For the academic year 2015-16, they have advised the Software companies to begin their Freshers hiring process only from September 1st ,2015. Accordingly, most of the Engineering Colleges are gearing up for the busy and hectic Placement Season during months of September & October. Companies like Infosys, Wipro Ltd., TCS, Accenture, CapGemini, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra and IBM have already drawn up schedules for visiting the selected colleges. Tech Mahindra have already began their Campus Hiring process months ahead of September 1, 2015 followed by IBM and TCS who began their Recruitments drives few weeks before September 1, 2015. While Companies like Accenture, Cap Gemini, Infosys and Wipro Ltd. are adhering to the guidelines of NASSCOM and made their plans to visit colleges only from September 1, 2015 onwards.

The Placement Officers of the Engineering Colleges who are the brand ambassadors of their colleges face a tough challenge in deciding which companies to be offered DAY ONE status. As there is a cut throat competition amongst IT Services companies to reach out to top talent pool of reputed colleges, almost every company demands Day One Slot. If a college decides to offer One company Day one Slot, there is a risk for college on losing out other big companies who may shy away from visiting the college on the reason that they are not given Day One slot. Hence, it is a tough call for Placement Officers to decide on the Day One Company. Equally tough is the Job for HR Managers of IT Services Companies who may lose out some of the reputed engineering where they are not given Day One Slot.

To overcome this problem scenario where there is a tough fight amongst IT Services Companies who demand Day One Slot, University College of Engineering, Osmania University has introduced a novel innovative concept of "Day One Sharing" involving four IT Biggies TCS, Infosys, Wipro & Cognizant from 2008-09 academic year onwards giving fair opportunity to students to choose company of their preference Thus offering the companies "Genuine Recruits". The process is named as Premium Company Recruitment Drive ( PCRD) wherein Students are permitted to attend all four companies selection processes which happens over a period of two weeks. In the best case scenario, some students may get two or more job offers. Such students are asked to retain only One Job of their Choice and reject other Jobs. Prof V. Uma Maheshwar is the pioneer who has introduced this new concept of Day One Sharing from 2009 onwards which is now being followed by many other colleges not just in Telugu states, but across India benefitting students at large. The Day One Sharing Concept helps Colleges to add new elite companies to the profile of companies visiting the college.

Strategies for Final Year Students to succeed in Campus Hiring Process:
Students should submit resume with latest photograph against any job notification to the Placement office within stipulated deadline. Companies may stipulate eligibility criteria on academic percentages, backlogs history and gaps in education etc., Before applying to a company, students must doubly check whether they meet the eligibility criteria or not. Before interviews, students must do good homework to study about the company by visiting their websites and interacting with alumni working in similar organizations. On the day of Campus interview, students should reach the placement office in proper dress code with all requisite certificates and documents before time. Attend Pre placement talks (PPTs) by the companies and interact with company officials to clarify any queries that they have on the job profile/ selection process. In fact Company officials start their selection process during Pre Placement Talk itself. Most of the companies will conduct aptitude and technical tests initially to shortlist students for further rounds. Some companies will conduct Group discussions later to further shortlist candidates for Interviews. After qualifying through Technical Interviews, candidates need to attend HR Interviews. During interviews, always be cheerful, calm and composed. It is not necessary to answer all questions of the panel members. The students must be prepared to answer the most common first Question" Tell me about yourself". They must justify to the Interviewers how they fit into the Job profile offered to them. They must be able to talk about their strengths with examples to justify about them. They must also be aware about their weaknesses along with an action plan to overcome them.

The students with good preparation and having good awareness about the company visiting the college will be at an advantage. The students should be careful about choosing the company they would like to join whether core/software and should give their best performance in the interview. Students should be aware of dos and don'ts in the interview. With focused attitude and preparedness, getting a Job in a dream Company will not be difficult.

Student life is very crucial period in everyone's life. It is where the seeds are sown for many things. One should plan and achieve their goals with sincerity, dedication and disciplined hard work.
Published date : 04 Sep 2015 12:17PM

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