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Highlights of Telangana Budget 2022-2023

Telangana budget has been presented by finance minister Harish Rao on March 7th in the assembly.
Highlights of Telangana Budget 2022-2023
Highlights of Telangana Budget 2022-2023

The below are the highlighs of Telanagana Budget 2022-23

  • Total budget outlay at Rs.2,56,958 crores
  • Capital Expenditure Rs.29,728 crores
  • Revenue Expenditure Rs.1,89,279.82
  • Tax Revenue of the State 1,08,211 crores
  • Share in Central Taxes Rs.18,394 crores
  • Non Tax revenue of the state Rs.25,421 crores
  • Grants Rs.41,001 crores
  • Loans Rs.53,970 cores
  • Total debts of the state as of 2022-23 stood at Rs.3,29.998 crores
  • Expected sales tax revenue Rs.33,000 crores
  •  Expected stamps and registrations revenue Rs.15,600 crores
  • Expected excise revenue Rs.17,500 crores
  • Rs.300 crores for free drinking water facility in Hyderabad Metro
  • Waiver of Crop loans below Rs.50,000 by this March
  • Waiver of Crop loans below Rs.75,000 by next year
  • Rs.11,728 crores for Aasaraa scheme
  • Rs177 crores for the welfare of Brahmins
  • Rs. 620 crores for BC Gurukuls
  • Rs. 2,750 crores for Kalyana Laxmi and Shadi Mubarak
  • Rs.12,000 crores for ST welfare
  • Rs.1,000 crores for new Medical Colleges
  • Rs.330 crores for Palle Pragathi
  • 1,500 crores for Kaleswaram Tourism circuit
  • Health City in warangal
  • Rs.1,394 crores for Pattana Pragathi
  • Rs.100 crores for Forest University
  • Rs.1,100 crores for Palm Oil
  • Rs.24,254 crores for Agriculture sector
  • Rs.932 crores for Haritha Haram
  • Rs.16,144 crores crop loan waiver
  • Rs.9,315 crores for Police welfare
  • Rs.5,698 crores for BC welfare
  • Rs.1,542 crore grant for road repairs
  • Rs.600 crores for construction of ST gram panchayat buildings
  • Rs.500 crores for Hyderabad Metro-Airport linkage
  • Rs.800 crores for Urban Mission Bhagiratha
  • Rs.17,700 crores for Dalitha Bandhu

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Published date : 07 Mar 2022 03:52PM

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