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AP Budget 2023-24 Highlights: Check Sector-wise Allocations

AP Budget 2023-24 was presented by the finance minister. Check highlights and live updates here.
AP Budget 2023-24 Highlights

AP Budget 2023 documents have been approved by the cabinet. The budget is presented by the finance minister. An annual budget of ₹2,79,279 crore is presented.

Check AP Budget 2023-24 highlights and live updates here.

Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath introduced the annual budget for the financial year 2023-24 with a total of ₹2,79,279 crore.

►Revenue expenditure Rs.2,28,540 crores
►Capital expenditure Rs.31,061 crores
►Revenue deficit of Rs.22,316 crores
►Financial deficit of Rs.54,587 crores
►Revenue deficit in GSDP is 3.77 percent
►AP fiscal deficit is 1.54 percent

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AP Budget 2023 Budget Allocations

► YSR Pension Kanuka - Rs.21,434.72 Crores
► YSR Rythu Bharosa Rs.4,020 crores
► Jagananna Vidya Deevena Rs.2,841.64 crores
► Jagananna Vasati Deevena- Rs.2,200 crores
►YSR-PM Bima Yojana- Rs.1600 crores
►Rs.1,000 crore for interest-free loans to Dwakra communities
►Rs 500 crore interest free loans to farmers
► YSR Kapu Nestham- Rs. 550 crores

Union Budget 2023-24 Highlights

► Jagananna Chedodu-Rs.350 crores
► YSR Vahanamitra-Rs.275 crores
► YSR Netanna Nestham- Rs.200 Crores
► YSR Matsyakara Bharosa-Rs.125 crores
►Diesel subsidy for fishermen-Rs.50 crores
►Compensation to farmer families-Rs.20 crores
►Law Nestham-Rs.17 crores

Telangana Budget 2023-24 Highlights!

► Jagananna Todu- Rs.35 Crores
►EBC Nestham-Rs.610 crores
► YSR Kalyanamastu-Rs.200 crores
► YSR Aasara - Rs.6700 crores
► YSR Cheyutha -Rs.5000 crores
►Amma Vodi-Rs.6,500 crores
►A total of Rs.54,228.36 crores for DBT schemes
►Price Stabilization Fund-Rs.3,000 crores
►Farm Mechanization- Rs. 1,212 crores

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►Rs 3,500 crores for Manabadi Nadu-Nedu
► Jagananna Vidya Kanuka Rs.560 Crores
► Panchayati Raj rural development Rs.15,873 crores
►Municipal and urban development Rs.9,381 crores
►Skill Development Rs. 1,166 crores
► Department of Youth Development, Tourism and Culture Rs. 1,291 crores

☛ 4.25 crore people will benefit through public distribution system: Minister Buggana
☛ Increase in delivery of goods from 84 percent to 94 percent
☛ Issuance of ration cards within 21 days of application
☛ Resolution of 48.75 lakh applications so far
☛ 55,607 Anganwadi centers in the state
☛ Anganwadi centers near government schools
☛ Additional Rs 1000 crore for better meals for students
☛ For women development and child welfare Rs. 3,951 crores
☛ Sustainable development and good governance are the goals of the government
☛ Allocation of Rs.6,700 crores under YSR Asara
☛ There are 2.50 lakh women dairy farmers in 17 districts.
☛ The price ranges from Rs.5 to Rs.20 per litre

Andhra Pradesh at 11.43 percent Growth
☛ Amma vodi scheme: poverty should not be a barrier to education
☛ Teaching learning material is provided to the students
☛ Development of Government Schools under Nadu-Nedu
☛ State ranks first in terms of gross growth
☛ Andhra Pradesh's growth is 11.43 percent
☛ Navratnas are reflected in sustainable development
☛ 62 percent people in the state are dependent on agriculture
☛ AP ranks 5th in milk production

AP Budget 2023-24: High priority areas

☛ Minister Buggana Rajendranath said that the poor and weaker sections will be prioritized in the budget. He said that education, medical and basic facilities are given high priority. Allocations have been made for administrative changes.
☛ The state government has designed the annual budget for 2023-24 to continue the implementation of Navratna schemes as announced in the manifesto for the fifth consecutive term and to support all communities. This year too, the Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy's government has prepared a gender-based budget, giving priority to women's empowerment.
☛ The budget is designed to reflect the Navratnas. Allotments have been made in the budget for the welfare of all and the development of all sectors without any wasteful, extravagance and extravagant expenditure. Amma Vodi, YSR Rythu Bharosa, housing for the poor, agriculture, irrigation, education and medical sectors have been prioritized in the budget. Adequate allocations have been made for YSR Kalyanamastu and YSR Shaadi schemes
☛ Adequate allocations have been made in the budget for village and ward secretariats and volunteer system. Funds have been specifically allocated in the budget for the creation of infrastructure mainly in government educational institutions and government hospitals. SC, ST, BC sub-plans have been prepared separately. Special provisions have been made for women and children. Adequate funds have been allocated for subsidy for free electricity supply to agriculture.

Published date : 16 Mar 2023 03:25PM

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