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How to achieve 10/10 in Social Studies

The simple way to get 10 /10 points in Social Studies.
  • To get 10 points in Social Studies easily, go through the entire syllabus with planning and comprehension.
  • Though all the questions are from the syllabus, they may not be given directly.
  • For each and every question is from the Textbook, quiet naturally the answers are available from the Textbook.
  • Thorough reading of Textbook with comprehension and active participation and presentation of project work helps a lot to achieve the goal.
  • There is a provision in CCE to write answers to questions as your own and opinion.
  • It is better to write answers point wise to get full marks. Each point carries ½ mark.
  • For 1 mark questions write 2 points, for 2 marks questions write 4 points and for 4 marks questions write 8 points at a minimum.
  • 15 minutes allotted for the reading the question paper and 2.30 Hours for writing examination.
  • Question paper and Bit paper will be given at a time. Use the opportunity for betterment.
Single concept - Several questions
  • Students need to practice a number of questions on a single concept. In many ways, it is possible to question the same concept.
    Eg: see how many different ways, likely to be asked the questions for the concept of "The Himalayas - agriculture".
  • "The Himalayas are the birth place of many Perennial rivers". - Write your response on the statement.
  • Explain how the Indian agriculture is affected by the Himalayas?
  • What is the relationship between the Indian agriculture and the Himalayas?
  • What is the relationship between Himalayas and rain system?
  • How can you say 'If there is no Himalayas, India would become a tropical desert'?
  • Geographically, how the Himalayan mountains influenced the Indian climate?
  • Describe the climate of India and the Himalayas?
  • How the Himalayas contribute to the abundant cropping in India? Write your response.
Syllabus Units Total Units Map Marks
Paper - 1 1 to 12 12 India 40
Paper -2 13 to 22 10 The World 40

Question Paper - Analysis
  • Part - A, and Part - B are there in the question paper.
  • Part - A has 1 to 13 questions under 3 sections.
  • There will be Four, 1 mark questions under Section - I (No choice).
  • There will be Five, 2 Marks questions under Section - II (No choice).
  • Under section III, there will be four, 4 Marks questions (With internal choice).
  • 13th question will be on map.
Question type No. of Questions Marks allotted Total Marks
Very Short Answer Questions 4 1 4
Short Answer Questions 5 2 10
Essay questions 4 4 16
Multiple Choice Questions 20 ½ 10
Total 33 40

Part - A

Part - B

1 Mark 2 Marks 4 Marks ½ Mark
Questions Numbers 1-4 5-9 10-13 (Internal Choice) 14-33
Total Questions 4 5 4 20
Total Marks 4X1= 4 5X2=10 4X4=16 20X½ =10

Academic Standards -Weightage
There are six academic Standards in Social Studies.
Academic Standard Weightage Marks
Conceptual Understanding 40% 16
Reading the text given, understanding and interpretation 10% 4
Information Skills 15% 6
Reflection on Contemporary Issues and Questioning 10% 4
Mapping Skills 15% 6
Appreciation and sensitivity 10% 4
Total 100% 40

Command on map is essential:
  • Under map pointing skill, pointing exact places, and drawing the maps are needed.
  • For Paper -1 map of India, for Paper - 2 map of the World will be given.
  • In a different way at present one paragraph or some sentences will be given. Based on the instructions the places or the countries to be pointed out.
For Example: Point out the four member countries of NATO in the given outline World map.
Point out the four permanent member countries in the UN Security Council.
"Four successful countries in the First World War (America, Britain, France, Italy, Japan) participated in the Versailles peace conference at Paris".

: Point out three European countries and one city in the given World Map.
  • Under Mapping Skill, choose either Group A or Group B (One group is enough).
  • If you want to attempt both groups, use different colors.
  • If there is no place to write name of the place put an arrow mark at an vacant space and write the name.
  • Use pens instead of pencils for the map pointing.
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