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Vitopia 2023 : Festivities created a vibrant and culturally rich experience to all

Vitopia 2023 an annual sports & cultural festival began in the VIT-AP University campus Amaravati, A.P today with Vasudaikam, the state wise ethnic rally of all the state's students. Students from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, North-eastern states have presented their regional dances in their ethnic wear
Vitopia 2023
Vitopia 2023 Event

Vitopia is the 4th edition of this extravaganza of culture and sports. Day one of the 2-day program had various cultural events including singing concerts, tribal dances, stand-up comedy shows, theme fashion shows etc. Mr. Chandrasekhar, President, Paralympic Volleyball Federation of India & Chairman, South Asia sub region Para volleyball who attended the program as chief guest unveiled the state wise ethnic rally. Dr.S.V. Kota Reddy – Vice-Chancellor VIT-AP, Mr. Girish H.N - Padmashri Awardee, Arjuna Awardee, Mr. Sukhbir Singh - Dhyanchad Awardee Dr.Jagadishchandra –Registrar of VIT-AP attended the program as the guests of honour

Para Volleyball team of India selected for forthcoming Paralympics in Vitopia 2023 event in VIT-AP University today:

The Paralympic volleyball competition was the centre of attraction for all today as the winning team will represent the forthcoming Paralympic games from India.

 Following is the team which will represent India:

para volleyball teams in vit ap

Details of the team selected for World Para Volleyball: Antonappa (Karnataka), H. N. Girisha (Karnataka), Mohit (Haryana), Sanjay (Haryana), Sindhi (Karnataka), Dharani (Karnataka), Pratap Hedge (Karnataka) Ganesh (Andhra Pradesh), Hotester Singh (Himachal Pradesh) Ajay Kumar (Himachal Pradesh) Rajender Singh (Himachal Pradesh), Ravinder (Haryana), Vijay Kumar (Haryana)

vit ap culture program

Stand Up comedians Mr. Rajasekhar Mamidanna, Mr. Aakash Gupta entertained the audiences with their fun filled comedy. Padmasri Kinnera Mogalaiah, singer, Singing Concert by Ms. Shanmukhapriya, Indian Idol enthralled the onlookers with their melodious songs. Ms. Sandhya Raju, National Award Winning Choreographer, Kuchipudi Dancer and Actress &, Mr. Sunil Kashyap, Music Director, Tollywood distributed the prizes to the winners of sports and cultural events of Vitopia 2023. Festivities created a vibrant and culturally rich experience for all. Mr.Sudhakar Ilango –Convenor –Vitopia 2023,Samuel Johnson,Co-Convenor,Anupama Namburu –Deputy Director Students welfare also particiaped in the program

Published date : 05 Mar 2023 01:52PM

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