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SRM University-AP Celebrates a Night of Melodies and Entertainment with Playback Singer Haricharan and MOKSHA Band

SRM University AP Celebrations Playback Singer Haricharan and MOKSHA Band

On the penultimate evening of its 4-day extravaganza, SRM University-AP transformed into a pulsating hub of style, and vibrant energy, setting the stage ablaze with an unforgettable blend of mesmerising melodies, electrifying performances. Saturday evening saw the campus bedecked in vibrant hues of light, colour and glamour and the evening's lineup was nothing short of spectacular.  Playback singer Haricharan, the versatile rhythms of music band MOKSHA, and the infectious beats of the talented Telugu DJ hypnotised the audience.

MOKSHA band and the Telugu DJ took the stage by storm, delivering electrifying performances that kept the energy levels soaring and the crowd on their feet. Their mesmerising dance moves in the dance competition set the dance floor ablaze, adding another layer of excitement and engagement to the evening's festivities.

SRM University AP Celebrations

Beyond the captivating performances and dance-offs, the event was a treasure trove of interactive games, competitions, and creative showcases that highlighted the diverse talents and competitive spirit of the university's students. From the intriguing murder mystery game "How I Met Your Murderer" and the exhilarating "Mouse Busters: Water Gun Battle'' to Western and classical music performances, theatre acts, fashion walks, creative arts segments, quiz competitions, E-sports tournaments, and photography contests, there was something for everyone to enjoy and participate in, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that resonated with creativity, talent, and fun.

As students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate, connect, and create lasting memories, it was clear that SRM-ites had the time of their lives. The stage didn't just shine—it erupted in flames of elegance, style, and pulsating energy, leaving everyone in awe and setting the bar high for future events and celebrations. With such a spectacular showcase of talent, creativity, and entertainment, SRM University-AP's 4-day extravaganza was truly a night to remember, reinforcing the university's reputation as a premier institution for entertainment, talent, and creativity.

Published date : 26 Mar 2024 01:04PM

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